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  • Workers in collective bargaining states subsidize low-wage earners in right-to-work states

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - States with right-to-work laws "free ride" on the higher tax revenues generated by workers in collective bargaining states, says a new study from a University of Illinois labor expert.

  • The complicated equations that underlie tax inversions

    A Minute With™... Business professor Elizabeth Chorvat 

  • Paper: To deter cyberattacks, build a public-private partnership

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Cyberattacks loom as an increasingly dire threat to privacy, national security and the global economy, and the best way to blunt their impact may be a public-private partnership between government and business, researchers say. But the time to act is now, rather than in the wake of a crisis, says a University of Illinois expert in law and technology.

  • Research: Tax benefits for housing not as outsized as previously thought

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — New research co-written by a University of Illinois expert in urban economics indicates that tax benefits for housing, including the ever-popular mortgage interest deduction and the property tax deduction, are not as distortionary as previous research and some prominent critics suggest.

  • Patent examiners more likely to approve marginal inventions when pressed for time

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Haste makes waste, as the old saying goes. And according to research from a University of Illinois expert in patent law, the same adage could be applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where high-ranking examiners have a tendency to rubber-stamp patents of questionable merit due to time constraints.

  • How much, and when, should NCAA athletes be paid for commercial use of their image?

    A Minute With™... labor and employment relations professor Michael LeRoy

  • Flash Index: Economy rebounding

    The U. of I. Flash Index rose slightly in July to 106.2 from its 106.0 level in June. The index has remained in the 106.0 to 106.2 range for the past four months, indicating the Illinois economy continues to grow since the rate has stayed above 100, the dividing line between growth and decline.

  • Expert: Give ex-players a slight edge in O'Bannon case

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - As the collegiate sports world awaits a federal judge's ruling in O'Bannon v. NCAA, the sport's governing body ought to be prepared to lose, as trial courts in the 9th Circuit are more "player-friendly" than trial courts in all other circuits, according to a statistical analysis from a University of Illinois expert in labor relations and collective bargaining in athletics.

  • 'Big picture' thinking doesn't always lead people to indulge less, study says

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Buy the latest electronic gizmo du jour, or use that money to fix a leaky roof? Go out with friends, or stay home to catch-up on work to meet that looming deadline? And after you've finished that big project, do you treat yourself to a slice of chocolate cake or settle for a piece of fruit?

  • Research: Business should embrace 'boomerang employees'

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers may have riveted the sports world and social media, but the phenomenon of "going home," whether to a geographic location or a former job, is not unique to professional athletes.

  • Study: NCAA eventually prevails in most student-athlete lawsuits

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - When student-athletes sue the NCAA, they win the initial round of litigation almost half of the time. But according to a new study from a University of Illinois expert in labor relations and collective bargaining in athletics, the NCAA eventually wins more than 70 percent of the time on appeal - a finding that could pressure both groups to adopt a new model for amateur athletics that more closely aligns itself with the employment relationship.

  • Fritz Drasgow named dean of U. of I. School of Labor and Employment Relations

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Fritz Drasgow has been named the dean of the university's School of Labor and Employment Relations, pending approval by the U. of I. Board of Trustees.

  • U. of I. Flash Index up in May

    The U. of I. Flash Index rose slightly in May to 106.2 from its 106.0 level in April, reversing three months of decline. The index reached its post-recession peak in January, and then declined slightly each month until May. Throughout 2014, the index has stayed above 100, the dividing line between economic growth and contraction.

  • Study: Hurricanes with female names more deadly than male-named storms

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - In the coming Atlantic hurricane season, watch out for hurricanes with benign-sounding names like Dolly, Fay or Hanna. According to a new article from a team of researchers at the University of Illinois, hurricanes with feminine names are likely to cause significantly more deaths than hurricanes with masculine names, apparently because storms with feminine names are perceived as less threatening.

  • Paper: Police reform law underenforced by Department of Justice

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - A law designed to combat police misconduct is hamstrung by limited resources, a lack of transparency and "political spillover" at the U.S. Department of Justice, says a recently published empirical study by Stephen Rushin, a law professor at the University of Illinois and expert in criminal law and policing.

  • Expert: Supreme Court decisions on patent cases a rebuke to 'baseless lawsuits'

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - The U.S. Supreme Court recently handed down two decisions on patents, both of which were watched closely by technology companies because of their potential impact on nonpracticing entities, otherwise known - and pejoratively referred to - as "patent trolls." But according to a University of Illinois expert in intellectual property law, there's nothing inherently wrong with individuals and organizations that don't make things trying to enforce their rights as patent holders.

  • Intellectual property expert on pending Supreme Court cases

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Four cases before the U.S. Supreme Court focus on issues involving intellectual property, the specialty of University of Illinois law professor Paul Heald, who offers his take on each case:

  • John D. Colombo named interim dean of U. of I. College of Law

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - John D. Colombo, the Albert E. Jenner Jr. Professor, has been named interim dean of the University of Illinois College of Law, pending approval by the U. of I. Board of Trustees at its May 14 board meeting in Springfield.

  • Income inequality partially driven by tax laws, University of Illinois expert says

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Income inequality is partly a self-inflicted problem, and elected officials have used the law to exacerbate the problem, a University of Illinois expert on taxation issues says.

  • Expert: Next 15 years is 'crunch time' for climate change

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Time is running out to employ a mitigation strategy that would avert severe global damage from climate change, a University of Illinois energy policy expert says.

  • Capital gains tax 'locks in' investors, increases likelihood of opposition to fund management

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - As mutual funds continue to gobble up a larger portion of equities, the influence they exert over corporate governance has likewise increased.

  • Labor relations expert: The NCAA prefers labor strife to an antitrust lawsuit

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - A labor dispute serves the NCAA's interests better than an antitrust lawsuit, which could potentially cost the governing body for college athletes millions of dollars in monetary damages, says a University of Illinois expert in labor relations and collective bargaining in athletics.

  • What role should government play in regulating payday loans?

    A Minute With™...

  • Swing voters hold more sway over candidates on economic issues

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - New research from two University of Illinois economics professors who study election trends analyzes how polarization on social issues affects competing candidates' economic platforms.

  • Paper: Raise state minimum wage to stimulate Illinois economy

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Raising the minimum wage in Illinois to $10 per hour would reduce income inequality, increase consumer demand and grow the state economy, according to a new study from a University of Illinois labor expert.

  • Flash Index dips slightly in February

    The U. of I. Flash Index fell in February to 106.8 from its 107.2 level in January. The index has remained in a narrow range from 106.5 to 107.2 since July of last year, demonstrating how slow the recovery from the recession has been in Illinois.

  • Expert: Proposed change to discovery rules a potential 'game-changer'

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - A seemingly innocuous proposal that would allow litigants to withhold evidence during the pre-trial phase of a lawsuit could make it easier for large corporations to conceal information in lawsuits, according to a University of Illinois expert in civil procedure.

  • New e-book explores intersection of poverty and the marketplace

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - A little more than a third of the world's population lives on less per day than the amount of money most Americans spend on their morning cup of coffee. That fact alone should make understanding and alleviating poverty crucial to the development of sustainable marketplaces, a University of Illinois business professor says in a recently published e-book.

  • Biomass industry needs to prepare for water constraints

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - The viability of the bioenergy crops industry could be strengthened by regulatory efforts to address nonpoint source pollution from agricultural sources. That, in turn, means that the industry should be strategic in developing metrics that measure the ability to enact positive changes in agricultural landscapes, particularly through second-generation perennial crops, according to a paper by a University of Illinois expert in bioenergy law.

  • College football players' union petition puts NCAA in tough spot

    A Minute With™... employment and labor relations professor Michael LeRoy

  • Perception of job insecurity results in lower use of workplace programs

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - With the hangover from the Great Recession still lingering, the specter of job loss continues to loom for most workers.

  • Federal budget deal offers some welcome stability for research

    A Minute With™... Peter Schiffer, a professor of physics and the vice chancellor for research

  • Cultural sensitivity necessary for global business leaders, scholar says

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Global business leaders must adapt their behavior to the country in which they are doing business or risk being perceived as ineffective and unable to handle complexity, change and ambiguity, says a paper co-written by a University of Illinois business professor.

  • Research: 'Sourcing hub' could help create more efficient supply chain

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Firms can manage their sourcing better by developing relationships not only with their suppliers but also with their suppliers' suppliers, according to two papers co-written by a University of Illinois expert in supply chain management.

  • Repealing prevailing wage law would weaken state economy, study says

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Mounting state budget deficits as well as debt from underfunded pensions have prompted calls for the repeal of Illinois' prevailing wage provisions for publicly financed construction projects in order to save taxpayer money.

  • Illinois' pension reform plan: Will it work?

    A Minute With™... finance professor Jeffrey R. Brown

  • Research: Materialism makes bad events even worse

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - In addition to its already well-documented negative direct effects on a person's well-being, materialism also wields an indirect negative effect by making bad events even worse, according to a paper co-written by a University of Illinois expert in consumption values.

  • Should the minimum wage be raised to $9 per hour (or more)?

    A Minute With™... Robert Bruno, a professor of labor and employment relations

  • Research: Explosion of lawsuits brought by 'patent trolls' erroneous

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - The number of lawsuits generated by so-called "patent trolls" is wildly exaggerated, and is mostly the byproduct of a slight change to a federal law, says a new paper co-written by a University of Illinois expert in technology and legal issues.

  • Better police surveillance technologies come with a cost, scholar says

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - The ever-increasing adoption of digital surveillance technologies by local police departments may dramatically improve the efficiency of criminal investigations, but it also creates the opportunity for abuse and misuse, a University of Illinois expert in criminal law and information privacy says.

  • Scholar: Empower Congress to bolster separation of powers

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Although it may not receive high marks these days as a public body, Congress should actually be empowered so it can uphold the constitutional checks and balances that help to curb overreach by the other two branches of government, a University of Illinois expert in administrative law says in a newly published paper.

  • Possible effects from the early reduction in food stamp benefits

    A Minute With™... UI economist Craig Gundersen

  • Retirement expert: Financial planning important for non-retirees, too

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - As older workers increasingly contemplate delaying retirement or putting it off entirely, they should also consider the financial-planning options available in Social Security, Medicare and employment-based retirement plans such as IRAs and 401(k) accounts, says a University of Illinois expert on taxation and retirement benefits.

  • Study: Renewable fuel standard needs to be modified, not repealed

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Congress should minimally modify - and not, as petroleum-related interests have increasingly lobbied for, repeal - the Renewable Fuel Standard, the most comprehensive renewable energy policy in the U.S., according to a new paper from two University of Illinois researchers.

  • Should college athletes be paid?

    A Minute With™...  former coach Don Hardin and sports economist Scott Tainsky, both  faculty members in recreation, sport and tourism

  • A change to benefits policy for same-sex married federal employees

    A Minute With™... law professor Sean M. Anderson 

  • Research: Risks to government pension insurer worse than thought

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - A study co-written by a University of Illinois pension policy expert warns that the financial risks facing the government-sponsored corporation that insures all private-sector pension plans in the U.S. are much greater than commonly thought.

  • Why we haven't seen the last of the fast-food workers' strikes

    A Minute With™... Steven Ashby, a professor of labor and employment relations

  • Long-term disability claims dominate benefits litigation, study says

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - An empirical study of employee benefits litigation from 2006 to 2010 reveals that cases involving long-term disability claims accounted for over 60 percent of all federal cases among five broad categories, including health care, life and accidental death, and pension cases.

  • What to expect in Illinois' general election for governor

    A Minute With™... Christopher Z. Mooney, the director of the Institute of Government and Public Affairs