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About the News Bureau

The News Bureau’s mission is to generate and coordinate national, regional, state and local news coverage of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

The ultimate goal of the News Bureau is to burnish the reputational capital of the state’s flagship university. To that end, our editors work with faculty members and researchers to produce and distribute news of the innovative research and faculty expertise on the Urbana campus. 

The research and expertise that we spotlight typically has news potential beyond the discipline and the campus community. Most often, that means research with its own intrinsic news value or expertise strongly related to events or issues churning through the news cycle.

How the News Bureau works

The News Bureau shares news and expertise through a number of different vehicles, including news releases, Expert Viewpoints interviews, Behind the Scenes photo essays and media advisories.

We pitch our stories to select media outlets, journalists and campus stakeholders; publish them on our website; and promote them on the Illinois homepage and social media.

The News Bureau also compiles Illinois in the News, a daily compendium of media hits featuring Urbana campus experts, and fields media requests for information, story ideas and faculty interviews.

Communicating news about faculty research and expertise

The best way for a faculty member to communicate news about their research or expertise is to work with the News Bureau in the following ways:

  • Connect with your News Bureau beat editor via email, in-person or online meeting so they’re familiar with your research and area of expertise.
  • Share updates on important projects as soon as you hear about them.
  • Contact us immediately about expertise that’s directly relevant to a developing news event or issue.

For all stories: Please contact the News Bureau sooner rather than later. It can never be too early, but sometimes it can be too late for our production cycle. 

The News Bureau won’t share anything with the public or the news media without first talking to the researcher. You’ll also have the chance to review your story before it’s published to give feedback and ensure accuracy.

Media training

An interview with the news media is an opportunity to deliver your story, represent your unit and show the Urbana campus to good advantage. Our editors are media relations experts who can teach you the essentials to achieving a good outcome.

In our media training sessions, you’ll learn about:

  • How the media works and what makes something “news.”
  • How to respond to media inquiries and interview tips.
  • How to craft key messages and communicate them effectively.
  • Typical reporter traps and how to avoid them.
  • Key differences among print, radio and TV interviews.
  • Steps to take after the interview.

To schedule a media training session for your unit, please contact us at

What the News Bureau doesn’t cover

While the News Bureau strives to cover most campus news, our resources are limited. Every faculty member’s work is important, but even truly significant work within a field is not always of interest to the news media or general public.

There are certain stories that the News Bureau typically doesn’t cover – although we do make exceptions. They include:

With all communications: If you’re on the fence, please share your idea with us. Our editors would rather know than not know.

It’s also helpful to familiarize yourself with your unit’s communication channels, including newsletters, announcements, social media accounts, blogs and any internal faculty lists. Any of those could be a more appropriate channel for your news.