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  • On the Job: Rhonda Winston

    There are very few things in the Illinois Street Residence Halls kitchen that Rhonda Winston doesn't have her hand in. To rephrase, Winston, a kitchen helper since 2001, is an integral part of every dish served to the students of ISRH.

  • University of Illinois, Steven Salaita settle litigation

    The settlement agreement between the University of Illinois and Steven Salaita was approved by the U. of I. Board of Trustees at its Nov. 12 meeting in Chicago.

  • Campus promotions

    Kimberly Armstrong will serve as the director of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation’s Center for Library Initiatives, effective March 1; Antoinette Burton, a professor of history and the Bastian Professor of Global and Transnational Studies, has been named director of the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, pending the approval of the U. of I. Board of Trustees.

  • Killeen: Strategic plan will emphasize systemic approach

    The U. of I system’s long-term strategic plan will leverage the combined academic power of all three campuses to uphold the land-grant principle of “serving the public good,” while continuing to offer students a diversified, world-class liberal arts education.

  • On the Job: Tim Prunkard

    Before coming to Illinois, Tim Prunkard, the technical services supervisor at the Nathan M. Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory, had always considered himself a lineman.

  • March budget meetings announced

    The Office of the Provost invites faculty and staff members and students to attend open meetings this month to discuss the budgeting process and actions the campus is taking in response to diminishing state funding.

  • New Faces 2015: Sergei Maslov

    Sergei Maslov, professor of bioengineering and the Bliss Faculty Scholar in the College of Engineering, is among the new faculty members to be featured in our annual "New Faces" feature. Inside Illinois continues its tradition of introducing some of the new faculty members on campus and will feature one new colleague online each week during the fall semester. 

  • On the Job: Judy Whittington

    Judy Whittington is one of the first people who new faculty and staff members and students meet in the department of astronomy. She makes them feel welcome and continues to provide support throughout their time at the university.


  • Faculty members continue to push for background check policy changes

    Interim Chancellor Barbara J. Wilson said suggestions for changes in the university's expanded background check policy are being seriously considered.

  • New Faces 2015: Aaron McCollough

    Aaron McCollough, an assistant professor for the university library and the head of scholarly communications and publishing, is among the new faculty members to be included in our New Faces feature.

  • sNOw school: Campus closes, but services continue despite blizzard

    The UI’s Urbana campus made headlines around the U.S. and the world when a winter storm that dumped about a foot of snow on Central Illinois prompted Chancellor Richard Herman to cancel classes for two days, Feb. 13-14. Newspapers and magazines from New York to California and points in between as well as media in Australia, Canada, England and France reported that the snowstorm had forced Illinois to close for the first time since January 1979.

  • Book Corner: A look at how the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program affects health and well-being

    A new book looks at aspects of how the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program affects health and well-being. “SNAP Matters” includes a chapter on obesity by University of Illinois economist Craig Gundersen, one of the book’s editors.

  • Illinois named No. 11 of ‘The 25 Fittest U.S. Colleges in 2015’

    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been named No. 11 of “The 25 Fittest U.S. Colleges in 2015” by The Active Times, a website that aims to be “the world's best source of authoritative, inspiring, enlightening content for living the active, adventurous life.”

  • Academic retirees

    Faculty members and academic professionals retire Between Sept. 1, 2001, and Aug. 31, 2002, 138 faculty members and academic professionals retired from the UI, according to the Office of Academic Human Resources. The retirees, their positions,units and years of service: Academic Policy Analysis Larry R. Askew, associate director, 29. Accountancy Andrew D. Bailey Jr., Ernst & Young Distinguished Professor, 8. Eugene Willis, Arthur Andersen Alumni Professor, 27. Administrative Information Technology Services Terry G. Moore, management systems coordinator, 33. Admissions and Records Christine M. Tarant, assistant director, 31. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Lee H. Sentman, professor, 37. Wayne C. Solomon, professor, 14. Agricultural and Consumer Economics Lyle P. Fettig, professor, 40. Nancy I. Moser, research programmer, 23. Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences administration George P. Hendricks, associate director for operations, 12. Donald A. Holt, professor and senior associate dean, 20. John W. Santas, assistant dean for academic programs, 24. Agricultural Engineering Paul W. Benson, lecturer and executive director of Illinois Electric Council, 24. Animal Biology Daryl C. Sweeney, associate professor of animal biology and of physiology, 37. Animal Sciences Daniel Grunloh, research specialist in life sciences, 30. Anthropology Steven J. Holland, graphic technician specialist, 28. Architecture R.A. Forrester, professor and assistant director, Versailles Program, 21. Art and Design Roger F. Blakley, professor of art, 31. Julius E. Rascheff, associate professor of art, 31. Assembly Hall Jimmie L. Abel, associate director for operations, 13. Astronomy John R. Dickel, professor and Campus Honors Faculty, 38. Biochemistry Robert L. Switzer, professor, 34. Chemistry Susan E. Bekiares, associate professor of library administration, assistant to the head, and coordinator of research programming, 35. William H. Pirkle, professor, 38. Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services Edward M. Krol, assistant director, 29. Joan Mills, research programmer, 38. Ronald D. Szoke, research programmer, 23. Civil and Environmental Engineering Edward J. Cording, professor, 35. G. Fernandez-Delgado, research engineer, 31. David Pecknold, professor, 32. Computer Science Saburo Muroga, professor, 38. Paul E. Saylor, professor, 35. Counseling Center James F. Sipich, clinical counselor supervisor, 37. Crop Sciences Harold E. Kauffman, professor and interim assistant dean, International Activities, 21. Glenn A. Raines, agronomist, 25. Curriculum and Instruction Kenneth J. Travers, professor, 39. Economics H.F. Williamson, associate professor and associate dean, 38. Educational Organization and Leadership Paul W. Thurston, professor and director of Office of Professional Development, 28. Engineering Administration Michael H. Pleck, professor and visiting assistant dean, 38. David L. Powell, director, Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering, 21. Laurie A. Talkington, director of development, 16. English Mark P. Costello, professor, 35. James R. Hurt, professor, 36. W.D. Kay, professor, 37. English as an International Language Mary S. Temperley, assistant professor, 20. Environmental Council Richard F. Sparks, visiting professor, 4. Family Medicine Deborah C. Rugg, teaching associate, 7. Finance James A. Gentry, professor, 36. Fire Service Institute Gifford T. Smith, assistant fire services education specialist and program director, 10. James B. Straseske, fire services education specialist and associate director for administration and research, 29. General Engineering Edward N. Kuznetsov, professor, 22. History John H. Pruett, associate professor, 29. Human and Community Development Dale S. Montanelli, associate professor, 27. Illini Union Yukiko Llewellyn, assistant dean of students, 30. Government and Public Affairs, Institute of Brenda K. Eheart, adjunct associate professor, research specialist in behavioral sciences and in social policy, 23. Deborah A. Kasak, senior specialist in education, 8. Institute of Aviation Tom W. Emanuel, assistant director for academic affairs, 33. William D. Geibel, professional aviation education specialist, 29. Roger W. Marsh, research engineer, 31. Internal Medicine Ralph A. Nelson, head and professor, 23. Danny L. Scott, clinical instructor, 11. Labor and Industrial Relations Ronald J. Peters, professor, 26. Alice R. Vernon, director of development and alumni relations, 30. Law John E. Nowak, professor, 30. Ronald D. Rotunda, Jenner professor, 28 Liberal Arts and Sciences administration Dianne Andrews, assistant professor, and coordinator of foreign language teaching education, 14. Robert M. Copeland, associate dean, 28. Emily M. Peck, associate dean and assistant professor, 29. Materials Research Lab Virginia C. Metze, senior research programmer, 37. Materials Science and Engineering Carl J. Altstetter, professor of physical metallurgy, assistant dean and director of international programs, 44. Li Chang, research engineer, 14. Pengdi Han, senior research engineer, 14. Mathematics I.D. Berg, professor, 38. Carol Castellon, teaching associate, 15. Harold G. Diamond, professor, 35. Robert P. Kaufman, professor, 37. Leon R. McCulloh, professor, 41. Philippe M. Tondeur, professor and director, Division of Mathematical Science, 34. Medical Information Science Allan H. Levy, professor, 27. Molecular and Integrative Physiology Abetta L. Helman, research specialist in life sciences, 27. Norma C. Ramirez, research specialist in life sciences, 24. Victor D. Ramirez, professor of physiology and Beckman Institute affiliate, 28. Music Sam Reese, associate professor, 6. Thomas Wirtel, assistant professor, 7. John C. Wustman, Center for Advanced Study Professor, 34. Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Michael F. Bolin, Extension specialist, 29. Anita A. Povich, associate publications editor, 19. Jun Wu, research specialist in agriculture, 8. Office of Business and Financial Services Katharine J. Kral, assistant vice president, 12. William D. Morgan, associate director, grants and contracts administration, 27. James M. Skinner, purchasing officer III, Purchasing, 26. Peter J. Czajkowski, associate vice president for financial planning, 34.

  • Classroom assessment is central topic of campus workshops

    Assessment is a tool that can be used to measure anything, but according to Jennifer Amos, a professor of bioengineering and this year's Distinguished Teacher-Scholar, it's especially useful in the classroom.

  • CIC annual report shows communal benefits

    The Committee on Institutional Cooperation continues to promote interuniversity partnerships that lead to better collaboration and lower individual institutional costs.

  • Wilson addresses campus climate and diversity awareness issues

    Urbana campus administrators are considering a host of initiatives regarding the campus climate for underrepresented minorities and to increase awareness of issues of diversity and inclusion, including the possibility of creating a required general education course.

  • Open-source textbook was a three-campus collaboration

    Anyone, anywhere at any time can thumb through the pages of an open-source textbook developed by experts from the three campuses of the UI.

  • New Faces 2015: Olga Maslova

    Olga Maslova is a new assistant professor of theatre in the College of Fine and Applied Arts

  • New Faces 2014, Part One

    This year's new faculty members included in our annual "New Faces" feature. Inside Illinois continues its tradition of introducing some of the new faculty members on campus and will feature two new colleague in each edition of Inside Illinois during the fall semester. 

  • MCORE improvements on schedule to start this fall

    Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project transportation improvements are on schedule to begin this fall. The scale of this infrastructure work on key corridors will have significant traffic impacts including detours and street closures during construction. Updated project timelines and associated information will be provided beginning in late summer 2016.

  • Center for Wounded Veterans maintains campus's commitment to disabled students

    The design concept behind the U. of I.'s new Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education building was simple: It should feel free from conflict. The concept becomes reality with the official dedication of the center from 3:30-5 p.m. Oct. 2.

  • On the Job: David Youhas

    Some say a good elevator mechanic is not seen.

  • Night shift

    A midwinter evening descends on the Bardeen Engineering Quad. 

  • Event planning: Attention to detail, teamwork are essential

    Babette Hiles, who has led the planning of U. of I. commencement ceremonies for 19 years, doesn't lose sleep worrying about sputtering microphones or collapsing stages.

  • Digitization project finds anthrax samples in collections

    When anthrax became a household name in 2011, even curators of some herbaria were unaware that samples of Bacillus anthracis, the source of anthrax, had been housed in their microfungal collections for more than a hundred years. Recently, a digitization project at the Illinois Natural History Survey at the Prairie Research Institute unearthed the whereabouts of historical samples, including one at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Phi Eta Sigma initiates 612 members

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign chapter of Phi Eta Sigma, a national scholastic honorary society for freshmen, initiated 612 members at a campus ceremony this spring.

  • The homeless on campus: Panhandlers or nuisance?

    There is a fine line between panhandling and nuisance, according to area police, and a number of homeless people who have set up shop in Campustown have been crossing it.

  • Faculty members, academic professionals retire

    Between Sept. 1, 2006, and Aug. 31, 2007, 109 faculty members and academic professionals retired from the UI, according to the Office of Academic Human Resources.

  • Faculty members, academic professionals retire

    Between Aug. 16, 2010, and Aug. 15, 2011, 198 faculty members and academic professionals retired from the UI, according to the Office of Academic Human Resources. Those who retired during that time were honored last spring at the campus's Academic Service Recognition Luncheon. Also honored were employees celebrating an employment milestone (10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years) during that time.

  • Springtime walk

    A student walks by two limestone sculptures on the south side of Foellinger Auditorium earlier this week.

  • New state law yields crosswalk changes

    Chalk one up for the pedestrians after Illinois lawmakers last year changed the state's crosswalk law, forcing motorists to stop - not just yield - if a walker has already entered a crosswalk.

  • Sanctions imposed on fraternity and sorority

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Board of Fraternity Affairs and Board of Sorority Affairs have imposed sanctions on two organizations involved in an incident Oct. 5 at a Campustown bar.

  • New Faces 2015: Ramón Soto-Crespo

    Ramón Soto-Crespo, an associate professor of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, is among the new faculty members to be included in our New Faces feature.

  • Susan Burton, advocate for women re-entering society after prison, to speak at event

    Susan Burton, a nationally recognized advocate for restoring civil and human rights to formerly incarcerated women, will discuss her new book and the challenges of re-entering society after prison at an event Tuesday, May 15,  in Champaign.

  • New Faces 2015: Sandy Dall’Erba

    Sandy Dall’Erba, an associate professor of agricultural and consumer economics in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, is among the new faculty members to be included in our New Faces feature.

  • Postgraduate survey to improve data collection, reporting

    A message to recent University of Illinois graduates: Alma wants to know what you've been up to. At least that’s the goal of the recently unveiled First Destination initiative, a campuswide program that has revamped the way postgraduate information is volunteered, reported and updated.

  • Creative architectural projects subject of two new I space exhibitions

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Innovative architectural projects will be featured in two new exhibitions on view Feb. 3-25 at I space, the Chicago gallery of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Alma Mater sculpture restoration more extensive than originally thought

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Because deterioration to the Alma Mater sculpture is more extensive than an initial inspection of the exterior indicated, the restoration of the 5-ton bronze statue is going to cost more and take longer.

  • Black History Month events run through February

    Several events have been scheduled on the U. of I. campus to commemorate Black History Month.

  • Wilson says AAUP censure removal a top priority

    Interim Chancellor Barbara J. Wilson said removing the U. of I. from the American Association of University Professors censure list continues to be a top concern on campus and a top priority of her administration.

  • Campus forum on search for permanent chancellor is March 11

    A campus forum to discuss the search process for a permanent chancellor will be from noon to 1:30 p.m. March 11 at the Illini Union Ballroom.

  • March 2016 the 10th-warmest March on record in Illinois

    March 2016 was the 10th-warmest March on record with an average temperature of 46.5 degrees, 5.2 degrees above normal.

  • Artful spaces

  • U. of I. Sesquicentennial celebration starting to take shape

    The university will celebrate its 150th birthday the same way it spreads knowledge -- all around the world. Pradeep Khanna, the associate chancellor for corporate and international relations, told the Board of Trustees at its Sept. 10 meeting that in addition to campus events, preparations are being made for a worldwide celebration in 2017 to mark the U. of I.'s start as a land-grand institution in 1867.

  • Freshman applications up 13 percent across U. of I. system

    More than 56,000 prospective first-time freshmen have applied for enrollment next fall across the University of Illinois system, record demand that is up 13 percent from the year before, officials announced Feb. 5.

  • New Faces 2015: Liliane Windsor

    Liliane Windsor, assistant professor in the School of Social Work, is among the new faculty members to be featured in our annual "New Faces" feature. Inside Illinois continues its tradition of introducing some of the new faculty members on campus and will feature one new colleague online each week during the fall semester. 

  • Energy performance contracting projects underway

    A set of energy conservation projects on the Urbana campus will guarantee more than $41million in cost avoidance over the next 20 years and reduce the campus deferred maintenance backlog by an estimated $25million.

  • Conference to explore impact of erratic state funding on higher education

    The impact of unpredictable state funding on students and postsecondary institutions will be the focus of an upcoming conference at the University of Illinois.

  • Chancellor's search committee members, chair nominees selected

    The chancellor's search committee is nearly formed, with senators last week choosing seven members and selecting two faculty members for chairman consideration.