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  • Alma Mater sculpture restoration more extensive than originally thought

    Conservation of Sculpture and Objects Studio staff member Robert Zarycki uses the laser to clean the arm of "Labor" -- the sculpture on the left behind Alma Mater. ("Learning" is shown at right.) Further study of the statue revealed that interior damage was worse than first thought, which will lead to a higher repair cost and keep the statute from returning to its pedestal at Green and Wright streets in time for graduation.

    Photo by Mike Helenthal


blog posts

  • Editor's note: An opportunity for members of the news media to interview a representative from the studio on campus may be scheduled in conjunction with a future lecture on the restoration. An advisory will be issued when the date and time have been arranged.

    The studio will not respond to media inquiries or site visit requests.

    To view photos, videos and more about the sculpture and the restoration,; password crcmedia.