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  • Microbial division of labor produces higher biofuel yields

    Photo of Yong-Su Jin in the laboratory

    A research team co-led by food science and human nutrition professor Yong-Su Jin, pictured here, and bioengineering professor Ting Lu, pictured below, found a way to increase ethanol production from a mixture of sugars using a microbial division-of-labor approach and mathematical modeling.

    Photo by Fred Zwicky


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes:  

    To reach Yong-Su Jin, email  

    To reach Ting Lu, email

    The paper “Compositional and temporal division of labor modulates mixed sugar fermentation by an engineered yeast consortium” is available online or from the U. of I. News Bureau. 

    DOI: 10.1038/s41467-024-45011-w