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  • Ultrathin self-healing polymers create new, sustainable water-resistant coatings


    University of Illinois researchers have developed a new ultrathin waterproof coating with self-healing abilities that may help steam power plants run more efficiently in the future. From left, graduate student Ellie Porath, professor Nenad Miljkovic, professor Christopher Evans and graduate research assistant and Jingcheng Ma.

    Photo by L. Brian Stauffer


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes:

    To reach Nenad Miljkovic, call 617-981-9247; email

    To reach Chris Evans, call 217-300-9949; email

    The paper “Ultra-thin self-healing vitrimer coatings for durable hydrophobicity” is available online and from the U. of I. News Bureau. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-25508-4.