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  • Celebrating our diversity

    A heap of thick noodles is topped with a pile of crushed peanuts, scallions and red chili.

    Sharing meals is one way to celebrate and learn about other lab members’ backgrounds and culture. This is a Taiwanese dish of wonton noodles with chili and crushed peanuts.

    Photo by Hueih Kan Dung


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  • Editor’s notes:
    *Yi-Ying Tung is a James Scholar. She and her colleagues are involved in a project, led by INHS principal veterinary epidemiologist Nohra Mateus-Pinilla, that explores the transmission of chronic wasting disease from white-tailed deer to their offspring. The researchers test samples from deer harvested by Illinois Department of Natural Resources biologists and hunters in Illinois. This post describes events prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The INHS is a division of the Prairie Research Institute at the U. of I.

    Kaylie Dyer, Kelsey Martin, Evan London, Roshni Mathur and Spencer Stirewalt were undergraduate students in the department of animal sciences at the time these events occurred (winter 2019). London is also affiliated with the INHS. Jake Putty and Shannon Callahan were undergraduates in natural resources and environmental sciences. Rachel Lupas is in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Dyer, Martin, Mathur, Putty and Callahan have since graduated.

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