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  • Livestock donation programs reduce poverty, improve food security and nutrition

    Photo of U. of I. agricultural economists Peter Goldsmith and Alex Winter-Nelson.

    Research from U. of I. agricultural economists Peter Goldsmith, left, and Alex Winter-Nelson found that the direct donation of livestock to impoverished communities in rural Africa had numerous positive effects ranging from a reduction in poverty to an increase in gender empowerment.

    Photo by L. Brian Stauffer


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes: To contact Peter Goldsmith, call (217) 333-5131; email

    To contact Alex Winter-Nelson, call (217) 244-1381; email

    The paper “Does 25 Cents More Per Day Make a Difference? The Impact Of Livestock Transfer And Development In Rural Zambia” is available online.

    The paper “Milk in the Data: Food Security Impacts from a Livestock Field Experiment in Zambia” is available online.