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  • Virtual reality program lessens physical side effects of hemodialysis

    Professor Rosalba Hernandez assists visual media designer Drew Fast in using a virtual reality headset as part of their research into using the technology to help kidney dialysis patients ameliorate the physical effects and tedium of their dialysis treatments.

    Visual media designer Drew Fast of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning uses a virtual reality headset with the help of social work professor Rosalba Hernandez. Fast and Hernandez co-wrote a study that explored hemodialysis patients using a virtual reality program on mindfulness/meditation to alleviate the physical side effects and monotony of their treatments.

    Photo by Becky Ponder


blog posts

  • Editor’s Note: To reach Rosalba Hernandez, call 217-300-1049; email

    The paper “Mindfulness-based virtual reality intervention in hemodialysis patients: A pilot study on end-user perceptions and safety” is available online or from the News Bureau.

    DOI: 10.34067/KID.0005522020