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  • 'Blind Field Shuttle' brings a new perspective to campus walk

    Photo shot from overhead of a line of people walking down a circular staircase.

    Walking as a group with their eyes closed, Illinois staff and students wind down the stairs of the Architecture Building as they experience campus spaces without sight. The “Blind Field Shuttle” experience was hosted by artist Carmen Papalia, who invites participants to unlearn visual primacy and use their non-visual senses as a primary way of knowing the world.

    Photo by Fred Zwicky


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes: Carmen Papalia’s visit was supported by Crip*—Cripistemology and the Arts, a research initiative in the College of Fine and Applied Arts that centers the “minoritarian” perspective of communities often excluded from artistic experiences.

    Annie Feldmeier Adams is a digital content strategist in computer science. She also is an artist who has shown her work nationally and internationally and is best known for creating large-scale community art projects.

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