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  • In times of ecological uncertainty, brood parasites hedge their bets

    Ph.D. student Nicholas Antonson stands outdoors with his arms crossed. He is smiling.

    Ph.D. student Nicholas Antonson and his colleagues found that, in response to environmental uncertainty, brood parasites like cowbirds and cuckoos have evolved to increase host-species diversity.

    Photo by L. Brian Stauffer


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes

    To reach Nicholas Antonson, email  
    To reach Mark Hauber, email

    The paper “Ecological uncertainty favours the diversification of host use in avian brood parasites” is available online and from the U. of I. News Bureau.

    DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-18038-y

    Michael Jeffords and Susan Post are wildlife photographers and research affiliates of the Illinois Natural History Survey at the Prairie Research Institute of the U. of I. Their photographs are available here.