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  • Cave excavation pushes back the clock on early human migration to Laos

    Image of the interior of the cave and the massive trench with people standing at different levels and looking into the trench. The cave is dark and you can see the grid of guidelines used to plot the location of items found in the dig. There are bright worklights overhead.

    The team excavated through layers of sediments and bones that gradually washed into the cave and were left untouched for tens of thousands of years.

    Photo by Fabrice Demeter


blog posts

  • Editor’s note:   

    To reach Laura Shackelford, email

    To reach Fabrice Demeter, email

    The paper “Early presence of Homo sapiens in southeast Asia by 86-68 kyr at Tam Pa Ling, northern Laos” is available online or from the U. of I. News Bureau. 

    DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-38715-y