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  • More physical activity, less screen time linked to better executive function in toddlers, study finds

    Photo of the researchers standing in front of an outdoor playground.

    Arden McMath, left, Naiman Khan and their colleagues found that toddlers who spend less than 60 minutes looking at screens or engage in more than 60 minutes of exercise per day tend to have better executive function than toddlers who do not meet these guidelines.

    Photo by Fred Zwicky


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes

    To reach Naiman Khan, email

    To reach Arden McMath, email

    The paper “Adherence to screen time and physical activity guidelines is associated with executive function in U.S. toddlers participating in the STRONG Kids 2 birth cohort study” is available online and from the U. of I. News Bureau.

    DOI: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2022.08.026