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  • Book examines tallgrass prairies' ecological history, effects on Indigenous cultures

    Photo of a buffalo and calf standing on a prairie.

    History professor Robert Morrissey wrote in his new book, “People of the Ecotone,” about how the ecology of the tallgrass prairie shaped the culture and created unique opportunities for the Indigenous people who lived there.

    Bison at Midwein National Tallgrass Prairie, Will County, Illinois.

    Photo by Richard Short, USDA Forest Service


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes: To contact Robert Morrissey, email More information about “People of the Ecotone” and Morrissey’s research on the history of tallgrass prairies is available online.

    Morrissey will talk about his research in a presentation, “The Run-Up: Chasing after Animals and History in Early Illinois,” to the East Central Illinois Archaeological Society on Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Urbana Free Library. The presentation is open to the public.