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  • Report: Extending child tax credit program offers many benefits for struggling families

    Photo of postdoctoral research fellow Dylan Bellisle, the first author of the study

    Expanding the child care tax credit beyond 2021 could have significant economic and other benefits for vulnerable families, according to a report by scholars with the Project for Middle Class Renewal. Dylan Bellisle, a postdoctoral research fellow, was the first author of the report.

    Photo by L. Brian Stauffer


blog posts

  • Editor’s Note: To reach Dylan Bellisle, call 312-996-0032; email

    To reach Ruby Mendenhall, call 217-333-2528; email

    To reach Andrew Greenlee, call 217-333-9069; email

    The paper “Benefits of recurring tax credit payments: Lessons from the Chicago EITC periodic payment pilot and implications for Illinois” is available online or from the News Bureau.