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  • Black and brilliant? A female genius? Not according to RateMyProfessors, study finds

    A new study led by U. of I. graduate student Daniel Storage, left, and psychology professor Andrei Cimpian found that students in higher education associate “brilliance” and “genius” more often with male professors and with academic disciplines in which women and African-Americans are underrepresented. 

    Photo by L. Brian Stauffer


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes:

    To reach Daniel Storage, call 714-604-3068; email
    To reach Andrei Cimpian, call 650-804-2475; email

    The paper “The frequency of ‘brilliant’ and ‘genius’ in teaching evaluations predicts the representation of women and African Americans across fields” is available from the U. of I. News Bureau or from the open-access journal PLOS ONE