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  • Six Illinois professors elected to National Academy of Sciences

    Six University of Illinois professors are among those elected to the National Academy of Sciences this year. Pictured, from left: Renée Baillargeon, Gary Dell, Steve Granick, Taekjip Ha, Catherine Murphy and John A. Rogers.


    Photos by L. Brian Stauffer / Courtesy Catherine Murphy


blog posts

  • Editor's note: To reach Renee Baillargeon, call 217-333-5557; email;
    To reach Gary Dell, call 217-244-0966; email;
    To reach Steve Granick, call 217-333-5720; email;
    To reach Taekjip Ha, call 217-265-0717; email;
    To reach Catherine Murphy, call 217-333-7680; email;
    To reach John A. Rogers, call 217-244-4979; email