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  • Exhibition of art professor's work examines human impulses, culture and the environment

    Diptych image of two paintings of brilliantly colored cranes, one in a green landscape with pastel mushrooms and the other in a grey, devastated landscape of rubble.

    A new exhibition, “Deep Well,” features University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign art professor Laurie Hogin’s work, including installation and sculptural pieces that are exhibited less often than her paintings. Her artwork is political allegories and social commentaries on human impulses, consumer culture and environmental degradation.

    Diptych of “Allegory of Future Seasons (Madness)” and “Allegory of Future Seasons (Folly),” oil on linen canvas with artist-made frame, 43" x 33", 2022.

    Courtesy Laurie Hogin


blog posts

  • Editor’s note: To contact Laurie Hogin, email