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  • Krannert Art Museum exhibition explores suibokuga and watercolor paintings by Shozo Sato

    Photo of a Japanese black ink painting showing waves crashing and a tree on the coast thrashing in the wind.

    A Krannert Art Museum exhibition features Japanese black ink and watercolor paintings by Shozo Sato, including landscapes of the American West. Contemporary work by artists using traditional Japanese techniques and aesthetics has not been well-studied by art historians.

    Shozo Sato, "Fury of the Pacific," 1994. Blue tone ink, standard in, and silver pigment on sized, pre-mounted paper. Courtesy of the artist.

    Photo by Chris Brown


blog posts

  • Editor’s notes: To contact Maureen Warren, email More information about “The Ink Wash Paintings of Shozo Sato” is available online. For more information about Krannert Art Museum, contact Julia Nucci Kelly at