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  • Gene mutation leads to epileptic encephalopathy symptoms, neuron death in mice

    Eung Chang Kim and Hee Jung Chung in a laboratory.

    A study led by Illinois postdoctoral researcher Eung Chang Kim and professor Hee Jung Chung found that mice with a genetic mutation associated with epileptic encephalopathy exhibit not only the seizure and behavioral symptoms of the disorder, but also neural degeneration and inflammation in the brain.

    Photo by L. Brian Stauffer


blog posts

  • Editor’s Note: To reach Hee Jung Chung, email   

    The paper “Spontaneous seizure and memory loss in mice expressing an epileptic encephalopathy variant in the calmodulin-binding domain of Kv7.2” is available online.

    DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2021265118