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Oil - and metal - munching microbes dominate deep sandstone formations

Video game features music by honored U. of I. composition professor

Financial penalties trigger welfare exits, study finds

Atoms in a nanocrystal cooperate, much like in biomolecules

'Money Mentors' program helping people cope with money management

IJAPAN project closes with Illinois and Tokyo dancers plus avatars

Ancient 'fig wasp' lived tens of million years before figs

The first decade: Team reports on U.S. trials of bioenergy grasses


Nanotubes can solder themselves, markedly improving device performance

Four named fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science

Research: Materialism makes bad events even worse

Fashion, sex, 'gray market of power' helped lead to French Revolution

Researchers map brain areas vital to understanding language

Illinois receives Grand Challenges Explorations grants

John A. Rogers wins American Ingenuity Award from Smithsonian Magazine

Ancient, modern DNA tell story of first humans in the Americas

Research: Explosion of lawsuits brought by ‘patent trolls’ erroneous

Ceremony to mark establishment of Confucius Institute at Illinois

U. of I. English professor and team document life in Chicago's public housing

Better police surveillance technologies come with a cost, scholar says

Applications for Doolen scholarships on aging available

2014-2015 Avery Brundage scholarships available

Book: Private schools not as effective as some advocates suggest

Tiny laser gives big boost to high speed data transmission

Teachers, pupils disagree about who the bullies are, study says


Scholar: Empower Congress to bolster separation of powers

Climate change focus of annual Charles David Keeling Lecture at U. of I.

Poor social, communication skills linked to peer rejection, bullying

Nathan Gunn chosen to lead new U. of I. Lyric Theatre program

Fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats proves hardy survivor

Films to be shown at Illinois focus on post-quake massacre in 1923 Japan

More than half of students surveyed experienced sexual coercion

Health insurance a dream for many single moms working part time

Team uses forest waste to develop cheaper, greener supercapacitors

Retirement expert: Financial planning important for non-retirees, too

Targeted culling of deer controls disease with little effect on hunting

Route 66, Midwest culture charm international tourists, study finds

U. of I. Library acquires archives of acclaimed writer Gwendolyn Brooks

Sculpture to be dedicated in honor of U. of I. industrial design mentor

New practice area for Marching Illini neatly solves multiple problems

Illinois river otters still exposed to chemicals banned decades ago

Study: Renewable fuel standard needs to be modified, not repealed

Mokena father crowned King Dad at University of Illinois

Passes for 2014 Roger Ebert's film festival go on sale Nov. 1

Homecoming week offers variety of activities Oct. 18-26

Obesity found to be higher in preschoolers suspected of being maltreated

Organ donor promotion at DMV brings increase in registrations

Team uses a cellulosic biofuels byproduct to increase ethanol yield

Numerically identifying pollen grains improves on conventional ID method

New small-molecule catalyst does the work of many enzymes

Music professors step out of the classroom to play

Japan House to feature Japanese quilting at annual open house


Research: Risks to government pension insurer worse than thought

Tiny antennas let long light waves see in infrared

It takes a(n academic) village to determine enzyme's function

'Parks and Recreation' star to co-host Japan House fundraiser

Symposium at Illinois to feature science fiction authors and music

Pygmalion literary festival reading series starts Sept. 27 in Urbana

Former head of National Science Foundation to speak at Illinois

Teacher collaborative releases guide to support new teachers

Long-term disability claims dominate benefits litigation, study says

10-day numbers at Illinois show larger freshman class, higher ACT scores

Who's got guts? Young infants expect animals to have insides

Novelists and poets to take part in Carr reading series beginning Sept. 18

24-hour casinos a bad bet for Illinois, gambling critic says

Research move endangered mussels to save them

Reforms would benefit early childhood education programs in Illinois

Study examines factors leading to eating disorders in young adulthood

Chancellor's Scholars named to Campus Honors Program

Fall lineup of speakers announced for 2013 MillerComm series

Dance performances, new exhibitions featured at Krannert Art Museum

Sinfonia da Camera kicks off 30th season with gala, performances

Blind mole-rats are resistant to chemically induced cancers


African American studies in the U.S. ‘is alive and well,’ new report says

Nine U. of I. faculty members named to Center for Advanced Study

Scholar examines keys to black children's psychosocial development

Study offers insight into the origin of the genetic code, team reports

‘Causal overdetermination’ provides middle ground for courts

Study: One-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for different markets

U. of I. gives Penn St. settlement money to local child welfare groups

Expert: Taxation of retirement income in need of reform

Interactive app makes teaching music theory possible online

Peter D. Constable to be named dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine

Gene Robinson receives Animal Behavior Society award


Scientist, 98, challenges orthodoxy on causes of heart disease

Model developed to track eggs of Asian carp, an invasive species

Loopholes in health care law could result in employee harassment

Researchers develop new approach for studying deadly brain cancer

Most flammable boreal forests in North America become more so

H. Edward Seidel chosen to be next leader of NCSA

New book a real-life thriller about rare book theft at New York Public Library

Cancer drug tested in pet dogs is now bound for human trials

The piano concerto taking center stage in classes, recitals at Illinois

U. of I. students, recent alumni named Fulbright Scholars

Bronze Tablet, U. of I.'s highest honor, lists 232 graduates

Study: Family violence can lead boys to aggression and to drug problems

Cancer and treatment side effect: stronger mother-daughter ties

Economy in Illinois improving, but recovery halting, study finds

Famed composer Gunther Schuller among guest artists at music festival

Three U. of I. graduate students win awards to conduct research overseas

Study of Mitochondrial DNA ties ancient remains to living descendants

Team explores the effects of exercise on ulcerative colitis


Study: Christians tweet more happily, less analytically than atheists

Rotation-resistant rootworms owe their success to gut microbes

'Singing' rats show hope for older humans with age-related voice problems

Andreas C. Cangellaris to lead U. of I. College of Engineering

Civil war photos gave carnage a wide view, but also aided the grieving

3-D printing could lead to tiny medical implants, electronics, robots, more

Two U. of I. graduate students win Intel Ph.D. Fellowships

U.S. forest management policy must evolve to meet bioenergy targets

Thirteen U. of I. undergraduates awarded Gilman Scholarships

Cloud computing user privacy in serious need of reform, scholars say

Allan M. Stratman named executive director of U. of I. Facilities

University of Michigan associate librarian to lead U. of I. libraries

By trying it all, predatory sea slug learns what not to eat

A 20-minute bout of yoga stimulates brain function immediately after

Vacations part of Soviet Union's 'good life,' with Sochi the dream resort

Doolen Scholarships awarded to continue studies in gerontology

Avery Brundage Scholarships awarded


Team finds gene that helps honey bees find flowers (and get back home)

U. of I. graduate student in chemistry invited to Nobel laureates meeting

U. of I. graduate student wins $10,000 grant to conduct tinnitus research

Five U. of I. graduate students awarded FMC Technologies fellowships

Wit, grit and a supercomputer yield chemical structure of HIV capsid

Cradle turns smartphone into handheld biosensor

Cellphone technology helps horses recover from surgery

Team finds mechanism linking key inflammatory marker to cancer

Education justice project wins prize for innovative prison ESL class

Women's reproductive ability may be related to immune system status

Exhaustive computer research project shows shift in English languge

Sacred lotus genome sequence enlightens scientists

Expert: State budget, pension woes tied to big gambling giveaways

To suppress or to explore? Emotional strategy may influence anxiety

App brings missing campus icon home for commencement, virtually

Variety of photo opportunities for graduating U. of I. students announced

U. of I. student from Skokie, ILL., awarded prestigious Boren Scholarship

Moms association bestows honors, elects board during moms weekend

Study examines risk factors in recurrent child abuse, neglect

Skills learning program in middle schools dramatically reduces fighting

Scholars document media's role in evolution of 'ultimate fighting'

Substances in honey increase detoxification gene expression, team finds

Commencement ceremonies to take place May 12 at Illinois


Three Illinois professors elected to National Academy of Sciences

Dance professor Tere O'Connor one of 20 named a Doris Duke artist

AsiaFest to celebrate all Asian and Pacific Island cultures on Saturday

New molecule heralds hope for muscular dystrophy treatment

Team finds markers related to ovarian cancer survival and recurrence

Retirement expert: Medicare already means-tested

Family-friendly tenure policies result in salary penalty for professors

New master's program at Illinois will train translators and interpreters

Faculty and staff members honored for excellence at Illinois

U. of I. scholars, alumnus elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Research: Common component strategy could improve profits

1986 law helped lay foundation for 'governing immigration through crime'

Nanowires grown on graphene have surprising structure

Nitrogen has key role in estimating CO2 emissions from land use change

Bullying more violent in school with gangs nearby, study finds

Personalized leadership key for keeping globally distributed teams on task

Small in size, big on power: New microbatteries a boost for electronics

Team reports on abuse of students doing anthropological fieldwork

A bright idea: Tiny injectable LEDs help neuroscientists study the brain

Goldwater scholarship honorees announced by University of Illinois

'Social capital' key to workers' success on the job, study says

Molecular techniques are man's new best friend in pet obesity research

Peoples' relationships with places focus of new book

Research: Poor math skills affect legal decision-making

Additional guests and film discussions announced for 'Eberfest'

Illinois club awards scholarships to 10 students

Sinfonia's season-ending concert to showcase romantic favorites


Zoning restrictions also a key factor in foreclosure crisis, scholar says

Study: Key differences between bankrupt churhces, small businesses

Dads Association grants six scholarships to University of Illinois students

Former Lockheed Martin CEO to speak at U. of I. as part of Chancellor's series

Moms Association names 2013 Medallion of Honor recipient

Bond … James Bond … turns 60 and is to be celebrated at Illinois

Cultural issues in education, society focus of conference

'Days of Heaven,' Tilda Swinton and Jack Black all part of 2013 'Ebertfest'

Supreme Court case could have tax consequences for same-sex couples

DNA catalysts do the work of protein enzymes

Elite athletes also excel at some cognitive tasks

Electrons are not enough: Cuprate superconductors defy convention

Renowned harpist to perform, conduct classes at U. of I.

Capitalism and democracy not compatible on the internet, author says

Negative public images hamper child welfare investigators

Symbols, such as traffic lights, on menus effective in educating diners

State workers in Illinois underpaid, new study finds

Nick Holonyak Jr. elected a charter fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

School policies, biased teachers hamper immigrant children's learning

U. of I. alumnus, philanthropist Shahid Khan named commencement speaker

Alma Mater sculpture restoration more extensive than originally thought

Research: Bankruptcy judges influenced by apologies

Illinois town provides a historical foundation for today's bee research


Psychology professor Ed Diener receives lifetime achievement award

Lipid researcher, 98, reports on the causes of heart disease

Expert: States leveraging gambling on social media sites

Girls day to be commemorated March 3 at U. of I.'s Japan House

Chancellor of UC-Berkeley next up in the U. of I. Chancellor's speaker series

'Mouse trap' allows vets to make faster diagnoses, without anethesia

Film screening and panel to mark anniversary of church-state ruling

U. of I. graduate interested in high-speed rail named Luce Scholar

Study reveals stem cells in a human parasite

Males' superior spatial ability likely is not an evolutionary adaptation

'X-Files' creator Chris Carter to attend 30th annual Insect Fear Film Festival

The research is in: Physical activity enhances cognition

Food science expert: genetically modified crops are overregulated

Three U. of I. faculty members awarded Sloan fellowships

Sewage lagoons remove most - but not all - pharmaceuticals

Climate change's costly wild weather consequences

Courts mostly ignore immigration status in lawsuits, study says

Researchers strain to improve electrical material and it's worth it

BAM! WAP! KA-POW! Library prof bops doc who K.O.'d comic book industry

December 2012 graduates, Dean's List honorees named

Lincoln Hall to be rededicated on Feb. 12, a century after first ceremony

Study: Firms that purport to value shareholders pay CEOs more

Bullying 'gets better' for most - but not all - teens, study says

New website educates about wildlife, conservation, natural resources


Distinguished lecturers to appear for annual Millercomm series

Heavenly concert on tap for Sinfonia da Camera at Krannert Center

NPR legal correspondent Nina Totenberg to speak Feb. 11 at the U. of I.

Carr visiting author series to showcase two acclaimed poets

New look at cell membrane reveals surprising organization

Study: Store layout an important variable for retailers

2013-14 Paul D. Doolen scholarships available for study of aging

Study: Odd biochemistry yields lethal bacterial protein

Previously unknown Sandburg poem focuses on power of the gun

Illinois engineer receives Humboldt Research Award

Contemporary Brazilian art to be featured in new Krannert exhibition

Stem-cell approach shows promise for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Nine undergraduates awarded Gilman scholarships to study abroad

High-frequency stock trading of little value to investors, public

Research: Bad news can spur strategic change in businesses

Family thought to play part in reducing stress for young Mexicans, study shows

New compound overcomes drug-resistant Staph infection in mice

Expert: Fiscal cliff deal yields tax certainty at expense of simplification