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Communicating News About Faculty

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  • Communicating News About Faculty

    Every faculty member’s work is important. However, even truly significant work within a field is not always of interest to the general news media. The best way to communicate news about your faculty is to work with the News Bureau in the following ways:

    • Connect your News Bureau beat writer with your unit’s communication vehicles, including, but not limited to newsletters, announcements, social media sites, blogs and any faculty list with easy-to-scan descriptions of expertise.
    • Share updates on important faculty projects as soon as you hear about them. The earlier the better. We will not share anything without talking to the author.
    • Connect the writer with faculty or staff well-informed about colleagues’ work.
    • Contact us immediately about expertise directly relevant to a developing news event or issue.
    • With all communications: If you’re on the fence, share the story. Our writers would rather know than not know.
    • Work with your unit communicator, who serves as another conduit for information and tips.