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  • Carbon dioxide storage is focus of new center's mission

    Research by University of Illinois scientists with the Center for Geologic Storage of CO2 could have planetary implications while also producing benefits close to home.

  • U. of I. researchers help discover ‘dark galaxy’

    Researchers have uncovered the existence of a dwarf “dark galaxy” lurking nearly 4 billion light-years away from Earth. The discovery was made when a team of researchers, including astronomers at the University of Illinois, using the Blue Waters supercomputer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, noticed subtle distortions in the image of gravitational lens SDP.81. The discovery paves the way to spot many more such objects, which could help astronomers address important questions on the true nature of dark matter.

  • Winter world

  • On the Job: Jan Adamczyk

    The Slavic collection at the U. of I. is the largest in Illinois, the Midwest and any state-supported U.S. university. Jan Adamczyk, a senior library specialist, takes care of the collection and responds to questions about it.  

  • New Faces 2015: Francina Dominguez

    Francina Dominguez,  an assistant professor of atomospheric sciences, is the first new faculty member to featured in our annual "New Faces" feature. Among the newcomers to the Urbana campus we will feature are faculty members whose appointments began this summer or fall. Inside Illinois continues its tradition of introducing some of the new faculty members on campus and will feature one new colleague online each week during the fall semester. 

  • On the Job: Janet Snyder

    Graphic designer Janet Snyder will be more excited than most when renovations at State Farm Center are finished next fall.

  • New Faces 2015: Richard Benton

    Richard Benton, an assistant professor of labor and employment relations, is among the new faculty members to be featured in our annual "New Faces" feature. Inside Illinois continues its tradition of introducing some of the new faculty members on campus and will feature one new colleague online each week during the fall semester. 

  • State budget stalemate and local budget cuts discussed at SEC meeting

    The campus is starting to feel the pinch of the state budget impasse.

  • On the Job: Patty Jones

    “You never know what path you’re going on,” said Patty Jones, the associate director for research at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. And, yes, she has gone on many different paths.

  • Killeen updates faculty members on range of issues facing university

    The university's top administrators covered a wide variety of topics at the Urbana-Champaign Senate-sponsored annual meeting of the faculty, held Oct. 26 in the Illini Union Ballroom.

  • NCSA’s Advanced Visual Lab contributed to IMAX 3-D film ‘A Beautiful Planet’

    The National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the U. of I. is helping produce movie magic with cinematic scientific visualization.

  • 2015-16 committee rosters available

    The annual summary of committee members on the Urbana-Champaign campus can be viewed online. In an effort to provide the most accurate information, Inside Illinois has compiled a list of URLs for units that appoint committees.

  • On the Job: Brian Jacobson

    There are dangers lurking in every kitchen. But in Brian Jacobson's kitchen, they are bigger than most.

  • 'Community' is focus of 2016 Martin Luther King Jr. celebration

    The Urbana-Champaign community will join the U. of I. campus community in January to celebrate the legacy of legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

  • New Faces 2015: Christopher Dunbar Jr.

    Christopher Dunbar Jr., a professor of education policy, organization and leadership in the College of Education, is among the new faculty members to be featured in our annual "New Faces" feature. Inside Illinois continues its tradition of introducing some of the new faculty members on campus and will feature one new colleague online each week during the fall semester. 

  • Contemporary artist Nnenna Okore to visit Krannert Art Museum

    Those who have seen sculptor Nnenna Okore’s work at Krannert Art Museum will be able to hear from the artist how she transforms materials and gallery spaces into works of art.

  • Wassaja Hall dedicated with songs, drums and words

    The dedication of Wassaja Hall began Thursday with the sound of drums and a song sung in Comanche by the OtterTrail drum group, from the Peoria Tribe in Oklahoma. The dedication of the new student residence hall, held in the Student Dining and Residential Program Building due to inclement weather, is a celebration of the legacy of Wassaja, later known as Carlos Montezuma, who in 1884 became the first Native American to graduate from the University of Illinois, said Alma Sealine, the director of University Housing, the first of six speakers at the event.

  • Grand Challenge courses to follow multidisciplinary themes

    Faculty members teaching six Grand Challenge Experience courses this fall say they've enjoyed opening students' eyes to the unnoticed connections of a research campus, and they hope it leads to a new way of engaging student participation and thinking.

  • Campus, community leaders discuss difficulties amid budget impasse

    Local representatives of the Illinois Coalition to Invest in Higher Education used a Feb. 22 press conference at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center to illustrate the plight of students and communities facing uncertainty over the state budget impasse.

  • Chancellor search committee creating candidate profile, forming list

    The heavy-lifting phase is just beginning, but members of the committee leading the search for a permanent chancellor say identifying the best candidate will take the strength of the entire campus.

  • New book examines role of children’s writing in creating their childhoods

    The experiences of eight children from around the world as they learned written language, and the ways in which these students used composition to confront social, societal and pedagogical barriers, are explored in a new book by a University of Illinois scholar.

  • New Faces 2015: Xin Liu

    Xin Liu, an assistant professor of astronomy in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, is among the new faculty members to be included in our New Faces feature.

  • On the Job: Ginger Passalacqua

    Ginger Passalacqua works hard to make sure area veterinarians are getting the information they need to help make animals healthier and happier.

  • Retirees, long-serving staff members recognized

    Recently retired and long-serving staff employees will be honored at the 2015 Staff Service Recognition Banquet Nov. 5 at the I Hotel and Conference Center. The program will honor 110 employees who retired between Sept. 1, 2014, and Aug. 31, 2015. In addition employess will be honored for service completed during that time.

  • Campus promotions

    Jeff Moore will serve as the interim director of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology; Paul Ellinger became the new vice provost for budget and resource planning; Katherine Galvin will join the Office of the Chancellor as an associate chancellor.

  • Killeen statement on stopgap funding agreement

    The University of Illinois system appreciates and welcomes the bipartisan effort in Springfield to provide partial, stopgap funding for the state’s public universities, which have been forced to manage through the first 10 months of fiscal year 2016 with no state appropriation.

  • New Faces 2015: Bianca Da Costa Martins

    Bianca Da Costa Martins is a new assistant professor of ophthalmology in the department of veterinary clinical medicine in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Study finds U. of I. contributes $13.9 billion in annual income to Illinois economy

    The University of Illinois contributes $13.9 billion in annual income to the state’s economy – and a 19.3 percent return on the public’s investment – through spending by its campuses, employees and students and the increased earning power of its graduates, according to a new economic impact study released Oct. 21.

  • Enrollment doubles for second winter session

    This year's winter session cohort reached 1,600 students after the number of courses offered was increased from eight to 17 because of last year's interest. The colleges offering winter session courses are Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business, Media and Applied Health Sciences.

  • Winter light show

    Campustown lights take on a holiday glow in this time-exposure photo at the intersection of Green and Wright streets. After a short break, business at the U. of I. will resume Jan. 4.  Students return for classes Jan. 19.

  • Initiative rethinks how general education courses are designed and delivered

    Undergraduate education at Illinois is in the process of a new experiment. This semester marked the start of a multiyear pilot designed to analyze what general education is and what role it serves on a research campus such as the University of Illinois.

  • Senators ask board to postpone university background check policy

    Senators overwhelmingly approved a resolution Sept. 21 calling for the postponement of a universitywide background check policy set to go into effect Oct. 5.

  • New Faces 2015: Kelly Tu

    Kelly Tu, an assistant professor of human development and family studies in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, is among the new faculty members to be featured in our New Faces feature. Inside Illinois continues its tradition of introducing some of the new faculty members on campus and will feature one new colleague each week during the fall semester. 

  • On the Job: Rhonda Winston

    There are very few things in the Illinois Street Residence Halls kitchen that Rhonda Winston doesn't have her hand in. To rephrase, Winston, a kitchen helper since 2001, is an integral part of every dish served to the students of ISRH.

  • New Faces 2015: Kevin Leicht

    Kevin Leicht is a new professor and the head of the department of sociology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

  • New Faces 2015: Simon Rogers

    Simon Rogers is a new assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

  • Faculty retreat focuses on Universal Design for Learning

    Techniques designed to make classroom instruction accessible to students with disabilities can be a rising tide that lifts all boats, according to speakers at the March 4 faculty retreat.

  • Quad lights celebrate Hindu festival

    The Indian Graduate Students Association sponsored Diwali on the Quad on Nov. 13 as the kickoff for the celebration of the traditional Hindu “festival of lights.”

  • On the Job: Diane Covington

    Building service worker Diane Covington starts her day at the Mechanical Engineering Lab while most of the campus is still sleeping, making sure the building is clean and ready for use.

  • Campus promotions

    Kimberly Armstrong will serve as the director of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation’s Center for Library Initiatives, effective March 1; Antoinette Burton, a professor of history and the Bastian Professor of Global and Transnational Studies, has been named director of the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, pending the approval of the U. of I. Board of Trustees.

  • March budget meetings announced

    The Office of the Provost invites faculty and staff members and students to attend open meetings this month to discuss the budgeting process and actions the campus is taking in response to diminishing state funding.

  • Krannert Art Museum galleries to close during summer renovations

    Krannert Art Museum will act on its multiyear commitment to transform galleries and other public spaces by renovating four main-floor galleries this summer. As a result, the museum will close to the public after the final day of its spring semester exhibition calendar, May 15.

  • New Faces 2015: Sergei Maslov

    Sergei Maslov, professor of bioengineering and the Bliss Faculty Scholar in the College of Engineering, is among the new faculty members to be featured in our annual "New Faces" feature. Inside Illinois continues its tradition of introducing some of the new faculty members on campus and will feature one new colleague online each week during the fall semester. 

  • On the Job: Walter Wilson

    Walter Wilson's work is behind every great piece of art in Krannert Art Museum. And, if you take into consideration each individual's tastes, it's also behind some of the not-so-great pieces.

  • Killeen: Strategic plan will emphasize systemic approach

    The U. of I system’s long-term strategic plan will leverage the combined academic power of all three campuses to uphold the land-grant principle of “serving the public good,” while continuing to offer students a diversified, world-class liberal arts education.

  • University of Illinois, Steven Salaita settle litigation

    The settlement agreement between the University of Illinois and Steven Salaita was approved by the U. of I. Board of Trustees at its Nov. 12 meeting in Chicago.

  • Dedra ‘DeeDee’ Williams appointed U. of I. secretary

    Dedra “DeeDee” Williams, a high-level administrator at the University of Illinois for more than two decades, has been appointed secretary of the U. of I. Board of Trustees and of the university, President Tim Killeen announced Jan. 11.

  • Faculty members continue to push for background check policy changes

    Interim Chancellor Barbara J. Wilson said suggestions for changes in the university's expanded background check policy are being seriously considered.

  • On the Job: Tim Prunkard

    Before coming to Illinois, Tim Prunkard, the technical services supervisor at the Nathan M. Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory, had always considered himself a lineman.

  • On the Job: Judy Whittington

    Judy Whittington is one of the first people who new faculty and staff members and students meet in the department of astronomy. She makes them feel welcome and continues to provide support throughout their time at the university.