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Carl R. Woese, who discovered a third domain of life, dies at 84

Strength training improves vascular function in young black men

Study: Curbing car travel could be as effective as cutting calories

Study links personality changes to changes in social well-being

Study of pipestone artifacts overturns a century-old assumption

Nanofibers clean sulfur from fuel

Expert: Reid-Kyl Internet gambling bill could enable money laundering

Engineers roll up their sleeves - and then do same with inductors

Team solves mystery associated with DNA repair

A better bet? Wagering on teams coming off a bye week

The dark side of kerosene lamps: high black carbon emissions

Agricultural, health education goes global via cellphone animations

Leisure activities cultivate hope, resilience in disaster survivors

Magazine cites U. of I. historian's book as among best in 2012 list


Proteins that work at the end of DNA could provide cancer insight

Six professors at Illinois named 2012 AAAS Fellows

Guide makes it easier to find the right books to give children

The selling of wartime needs sold the U.S. on advertising, author says

Name that ant! New online tool helps identify alien ant invaders

New structures self-assemble in synchronized dance

Study: Cellphone bans associated with fewer urban accidents

These bots were made for walking: Cells power biological machines

Study tracks brain gene response to territorial aggression

Study: Job autonomy, trust in leadership keys to improvement initiatives

Pig genome offers insights into the feistiest of farm animals

2013-2014 Avery Brundage Scholarships available

LGBTQ youth more likely to be truant or to consider or commit suicide

Collaborative journal to be first focused on pre-modern Chinese culture

Dads Association funds 11 projects on University of Illinois campus

Music scholar Bruno Nettl wins inaugural award from China conservatory

Former U. of I. provost Robert Berdahl to speak in chancellor's series

Team finds a new way to inhibit blood clotting and inflammation

Loser-pays-all rule in criminal cases could work for wealthy defendants

Public symposium to coincide with Catalogue of Life global team meeting

Abstract thinking can make you more politically moderate

Difficult-to-read font reduces political polarity, study finds

Lawrence Schook named to animal research institute

UNC literacy expert to speak in annual Goldstick lecture at Illinois


Research: Pay satisfaction key driver of work-family conflict

University of Illinois chemist named Packard Fellow

Troubled neighborhoods deter some fathers from child involvement

Brain waves reveal video game aptitude

A sense of control eliminates emotional distortions of time

Scientists target bacterial sharing of antibiotic resistance genes

Illinois graduates 1,342 in August

200 years of Native American persistence turned U.S. into 'Indian Country'

Multilingual 'Divine Comedy' marathon to take place Tuesday at Illinois

New book helps young professionals avoid workplace pitfalls

U. of I. campus to kick the habit and become smoke free

Workers the ones getting hosed at Chicago car washes, new study says

Homecoming week kicks off Saturday with volunteer event

Albania must enact reforms to combat sex trafficking, study urges

Passes for the 15th annual 'Eberfest' go on sale Nov.1

Improving access to education for Greek Roma among goals of project

African art gets new home in renovated gallery at Krannert Art Museum

U. of I. chemist to be inducted into American Arts and Sciences Academy

Emeritus music professor Bruno Nettl honored as distinguished humanist

Nick Holonyak Jr. and his work on visible LED to be feted at Illini Union event

Study examines well-being of Latino immigrant families in rural Illinois

NPR reporter Nina Totenberg to receive U. of I. journalism award

Composer George Walker to be on hand for Sinfonia world premiere

Scholars' new software aimed at transforming literacy education

Illinois amendment would eliminate constitutional protections

Sixteen authors to take part in Youth Literature Festival at U. of I.


Next up: Environmentally safe electronics that also vanish in the body

Paper: federal law needed to safeguard 'digital afterlives'

Nathan Gunn to lead repertory council for Philadelphia opera company

Architecture professor wins two international design competitions

In obesity, a micro-rna causes metabolic problems

Odorant shape and vibration likely to lead to olfaction satisfaction

Lax child care regulations affecting children's health, study suggests

Study: Parole decisions affect rehabilitation incentives

Summer drought may dull fall color

Hobson recital series to showcase all of Brahm's music for piano

Lecture series at Illinois to explore ‘digital divide’

Study of giant viruses shakes up tree of life

Poetry, fiction, global security among topics on MillerComm docket

Expert: With food insecurity rising in U.S., SNAP benefits should be left alone

Emancipation proclamation only one piece in ending slavery, historian says

Factors that help students feel safer at school identified in study

Versatile University of Houston writers to lead off Carr Reading Series

Seven Urbana campus faculty members named University Scholars

Scientists aim to put a pox on dog cancer

U. of I. scholar's new book focuses on american music master Irving Berlin

Children aware of popularity issues as early as third grade, study shows


Study identfies prime source of open methane

U. of I. resident string quartet will perform in 9/11 commemoration

Climate scientist to deliver lecture in series honoring his father

Images on health websites can lessen comprehension, study finds

Inmates in U. of I. justice project organize art exhibition on display at YMCA

Research: NCAA football exploits players in ‘invisible labor market’

Three students win American Association of University Women fellowships

Two Illinois chemists named top young investigators

Chancellor's scholars named to campus honors program

Lao skull earliest example of modern human fossil in Southeast Asia

Study of bird lice shows how evolution sometimes repeats itself

Krannert Art Museum opens exhibitions on indigo, Japanese art, faculty work

Three U. of I. students win Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellowships

Retirement expert: Medicare woes mostly rooted in myth

Oh, my stars and hexagons! DNA code shapes gold nanoparticles

New research studies policy divergence, voter polarization in elections

Young people's feeling of invulnerability has drawbacks - and benefits

Researchers find evidence of ritual use of 'black drink' at Cahokia

Researchers peek at the early evolution of sex chromosomes

Research: Men respond negatively to depictions of ‘ideal masculinity’ in ads

Weak job market has more dads staying home - and they may stay there

Fruit flies on methamphetamine die largely as a result of anorexia


Higher retail wages correlate with lower levels of employee theft

Fair play in sport not easy to define in a high-tech age, expert says

Spillways can divert sand from river to rebuild wetlands

Self-directed learning helps some students reach goals, study suggests

Expert: Fiscal cliff looms without serious reforms to taxes, entitlements

Researchers seek to improve drought resistance of biofuels grasses

Team discovers how western corn rootworm resists crop rotation

Concert to honor professor for pioneering scholarship on British music

Bronze Tablet, U. of I.'s highest honor, lists 240 graduates

May 2012 graduates, Dean's List honorees named

Study: Online retail contributes to decline in product quality

Long-term hormone treatment increases synapses in rat prefrontal cortex

Jupiter Quartet to debut at U. of I. Allerton Music Barn Festival

Microscope probe-sharpening technique improves resolution, durability

Joseph Martocchio named interim dean of labor school

Heat, rainfall affect pathogenic mosquito abundance in catch basins

Bragg named interim dean of College of Engineering

New way to grow, isolate cancer cells may add weapon against disease

Cancer in childhood can have negative impact on career readiness

Anti-bullying efforts should be tailored to victims' needs, study shows


Parental conflict may manifest itself in preschooler behavior

Alison Bell receives animal behavior society young investigator award

Eleven U. of I. undergraduates offered prestigious study abroad scholarships

Gone fishing: Researchers' imaging technique trolls in quiet cellular seas

Alumnus wins fellowship, will work on prosthesis project in Guatemala

Veteran U. of I. police officer Jeff Christensen chosen as chief of department

Team determines how estrogens persist in dairy farm wastewater

Two U. of I. alumni named to Luce Scholars Program

Ex-director of U. of I. Japan House to be honored by government of Japan


'The Game of Love' is a labor of love

Jupiter String Quartet to become quartet in residence at Illinois

Food insecurity on the rise among senior citizens in U.S.

Three U. of I. students win grants to study in United Kingdom this summer

U. of I. students, recent graduates win Fulbright awards

Memoir tracks the life, decline and death of an Illinois family farm

Study finds emissions from widely used cookstoves vary with use

Nowhere to hide: new device sees bacteria behind the eardrum

Tendency of operational routines to falter is widespread but fixable

More companies turning to universities to educate workforce, study shows

U. of I. professor named dean of college of fine and applied arts

Research: ‘Negative leakage’ could be key to reducing carbon emissions

Better response plans needed for children exposed to domestic violence

Expert: Medicaid cuts will hurt low-, middle-income Illinois seniors

Social welfare cuts ultimately come with heavy price, researchers say

President of Zhejiang University to speak at Illinois May 31

Seven U. of I. students receive national scholarships for language studies

U. of I. music duo's latest CD draws from wide-ranging repertoire

Maps of miscanthus genome offer insight into grass evolution

Getting news from the internet not as divisive as many assume

Research: Too much, too little noise turns off consumers, creativity

Conference teaches culture of conserving energy

U. of I. engineering dean Ilesanmi Adesida to be next provost at Urbana

FMC Technologies Inc. fellowships awarded

Avery Brundage scholarships awarded

Doolen Scholarships awarded to continue studies in gerontology

Dateline Turkey: Illinois students get a turn as foreign correspondents

Commencement ceremonies to take place May 13 at Illinois

Research: 'Modern Portfolio Theory' optimizes conservation practices

Dateline Turkey: Illinois students get a turn as foreign correspondents

Openness trait may help those with mild or moderate disabilities keep jobs

College of Business honors students


Goldwater Scholarship Program recognizes three U. of I. students

U. of I. student from Chicago wins Beinecke Scholarship for graduate study

21 honored for excellence in teaching and advising

Studies touting China's treatments for Internet overuse may lack validity

Computing the best high-resolution 3-D tissue images

Controlling heat flow with atomic-level precision

Even positive stereotypes can hinder performance, researchers report

New series to focus on the research university of the future

Study: Optimizing biofuel supply chain is a competitive game

Two U. of I. faculty elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Organ donor campaign shows teenagers respond to simple over flashy

Report examines bullying – victims, perpetrators and countermeasures

Illinois engineering professor awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

Policies, learning-by-doing played important role in reducing ethanol costs

Researchers use brain injury data to map intelligence in the brain

Personality, habits of thought and gender influence how we remember

Brain Awareness Day to showcase neuroscience, work of U. of I. scientists

Head and body lice appear to be the same species, genetic study finds

U. of I. psychology professor receives APA distinguished scientist award

Martin E. Marty, renowned scholar of religion, to lecture at Illinois

Two-week intensive foreign language program to be offered in May


Lecture to focus on organizational integrity in information age

'Tree of Life' demo, film workshop, discussions all part of 'Ebertfest' at U. of I.

Noted journalist to speak at colloquium on Asia role in U.S. economy

Research: Viewing work as a 'calling' may have negative repercussions

'Ebertfest' to feature 'Citizen Kane,' early Tom Hanks, Iranian Oscar winner

Study: Mothers exposed to violence more prone to aggressive parenting

Workshop looks at the Indian roots of a high-tech agribusiness crop

New antibiotic could make food safer and cows healthier

Pension reform would save billions, enhance retirement security

Team discovers how bacteria resist a 'Trojan horse' antibiotic

Toi Derricotte opens Carr Reading Series April 4

Orion Samuelson to speak at afternoon commencement at Illinois

Study suggests motivation to be active may lead to impulsive behavior

When women stop breastfeeding linked to child care options, study shows

Study of ribosome evolution challenges RNA world hypothesis

'The Irish Way' in shaping America's cities is subject of historian's new book

Professors, partners share passion for Argentine tango

Expert: BP settlement right step, but won’t curtail corporate greed

Insects have personalities too, research on honey bees indicates

Breastfed babies less likely to be picky eaters as toddlers

Science museum event launches neuroscience education program

Former Federal Reserve official to speak about financial crisis

Social media may help women overcome computer anxiety

Sustainability principles need to bqe integrated into business education

Team aims to make sugarcane, sorghum into oil-producing crops


Researcher tracks agricultural overuse of bug-killing technology

Project, conference attuned to changing demographics in colleges

'Repetition-break' plot structure makes effective TV ads, research shows

Aric Rindfleisch appointed head of business administration

Project, conference attuned to changing demographics in college

Modified bone drug kills malaria parasite in mice

Focus to be on Greece during free piano recital at Illinois

Moms Association names 2012 Medallion of Honor recipient

News analyst, best-selling author Cokie Roberts to speak at commencement

Caught in the act: Team discovers microbes speciating

Fun incentives both essential in motivating workers' online learning

Rare fungus kills endangered rattlesnakes in southern Illinois

U. of I. program targets growing obesity rate among Midwest Hispanics

Carbon storage project combines innovation and outreach

Three U. of I. faculty members selected as 2012 Sloan Fellows

Bloodthirsty ants swarm Insect Fear Film Festival

Film festival to showcase new wave of Greek movies

Japan House expands tea ceremony offerings to accommodate public

Illinois professor elected to National Academy of Engineering

Research: Tax-increment financing debate needs new approach

Jon C. Davis appointed head of accountancy

Expert: 'Buffett Rule' would need tie to capital gains to affect millionaires

Exercise triggers stem cells in muscle

It's not solitaire: Brain activity differs when one plays against others

Illinois Dean's List, graduates named for August, December 2011


Risk-based passenger screening could make air travel safer

Ten undergraduates awarded Gilman Scholarships to study abroad

Attack or retreat? Circuit links hunger and pursuit in sea slug brain

Patterns of antibiotic-resistant bacteria seen in Galápagos reptiles

Trio of exhibitions to open at U. of I.'s Krannert Art Museum

Student's exhibition both playful and filled with deeper meaning

Study: Quebec ban on fast-food ads reduced consumption of junk food

Enhancing cognition in older adults also changes personality

From field to biorefinery: Computer model optimizes biofuel operations

Powerful drug's surprising, simple method could lead to better treatments

Particle-free silver ink prints small, high-performance electronics

Jeff Christensen named acting U. of I. police chief

Researchers identify molecular 'culprit' in rise of planetary oxygen

Famed stage director kicks off Millercomm lecture series at Illinois

Team finds a better way to gauge the climate costs of land use change

Expert: Keep consumer protection agency free of ‘regulatory capture’

Family debt hurts children's chances for success in college, study says

Expert: ‘Bail-ins’ exacerbate market bubbles by making economy more cyclical