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Mandates would crimp benefits of new bank capital, expert says

Six professors at Illinois elected as 2009 AAAS Fellows

Mastery of physical goals lessens disease-related depression and fatigue

Adding technology to geometry class improves opportunities to learn

Texting, tweeting ought to be viewed as GR8 teaching tools, scholar says

Synthetic protein mimics structure, function of metalloprotein in nature

Dancer-choreographer ups the tempo with new book and dance collage

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Dec. 17 through Jan. 24

U. of I. Business Instructional Facility achieves top 'green' standard

Emotions an overlooked key to whistle-blowing, study says

Transcription factors guide differences in human and chimp brain function

Online gambling a threat to global economy, U. of I. expert says

Seven Illinois faculty members awarded Fulbright Scholar Grants

Symposium marks century of discovery for U. of I. entomology department

Graphic designer wants to make his field 'greener'

U. of I. carolers celebrating 50 years of good cheer


Federal prison would salve Illinois budget woes, economist says

Lemont father crowned King Dad at University of Illinois

Dads Association at Illinois elects 2009-2010 executive board

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Dec. 3 through Dec. 20

Water droplets direct self-assembly process in thin-film materials

Computational microscope peers into the working ribosome

Five-day delivery no sure cure for postal woes, economist says

Supervolcano eruption – in Sumatra – deforested India 73,000 years ago

U. of I. children's book guide offers help to holiday book shoppers

Technique finds gene regulatory sites without knowledge of regulators

U.S., other free-trade leaders, now among most vulnerable to backlash

2010-2011 Avery Brundage Scholarships available

U. of I., Graduate Employees Organization reach tentative agreement

I space exhibition features small portraits by U. of I. artist

Walking hazard: Cell phone use – but not music – reduces pedestrian safety

Only tax increase can cure Illinois budget woes, study says

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Nov. 19 through Dec. 6

U. of I. business professor wins international award

Study: Credit crisis, debt load a double whammy for investment

For improving early literacy, reading comics is no child's play

Lecture series to focus on humanities perspective about climate change

Mimicking nature, scientists can now extend redox potentials

Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker to receive lifetime achievement award

Brazilian literature in translation to be focus of talk, readings at U. of I.

Growing online sales could lower prices,but also trim choices

First draft of the pig: Researchers sequence swine genome

Researchers to perform sex change operation on papaya

Personal reflections on Berlin Wall to be subject of symposium


Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Nov. 5 through 22

Recession over, but rebound will be slow, economist says

Musical sensibility can help shape teaching, research education

Demonstration by swordsmen to be featured at open house at Japan House

Roth IRA conversion not a good fit for all, tax expert says

U. of I. slates forum on climate policy prospects

U. of I. expert keynote speaker for European climate conference

Single-stranded DNA-binding protein proven dynamic, critical to DNA repair

Dads Association presents awards for improvements to campus, community

Dads Association honors academic achievement with library awards

Amphetamine use in adolescence may impair adult working memory

Small mechanical forces have big impact on embryonic stem cells

U. of I. professors featured in exhibit about body-mind-spirit connection

U. of I. team is top U.S. finisher in Solar Decathlon competition

Conference on Morrill Act, future of higher education to take place Oct. 24

Historian charts race and class dynamics of civil rights years in St. Louis

I space exhibition examines what lies behind 'Made in China'

English faculty's book output leads department head to blog about it

Exhibition of works by 16 artists explores origins, motivations of power

New initiative at Illinois to focus on genocide, racism, memory and trauma

Early hominid first walked on two legs in the woods

Passes for 12th Ebert film fest go on sale Nov. 1

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Oct. 15 through Nov. 8

Study: Some stock repurchase plans just empty promises

Visual cultures expert to discuss how arts are influencing globalization

Firms can manage their way through recessions, expert says

Brazil experts to take part in roundtable at Lemann Institute inauguration

Team finds a better way to watch bacteria swim


Children can be sold on fun of physical activity, U. of I. researcher says

Morrill Act document on display at Illinois as part of Lincoln Bicentennial

U. of I. Homecoming celebration offers week of activities

Panel discussion on education to take place Oct. 7

Students, teachers need to be transculturally literate, expert says

Neuroscience and entomology professor Gene Robinson to receive NIH Award

Book explores cat and dog evolution, behavior and training

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Oct. 1 through 18

U. of I. researcher wins $500,000 MacArthur Award

Opto-electronic nose sniffs out toxic gases

Historical and cultural geographer ponders Main Street hotels, the Midwest

'Representation' theme of annual humanities film series

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Sept. 17 through Oct. 4

Researchers to explore sacred Maya pools of Belize

Students invited to U. of I. campus Oct. 21 to meet with law schools

U. of I. English professor wins $25,000 writing award

U. of I. sets tribute for labor relations pioneer

Small molecule inhibits pathology associated with myotonic dystrophy type 1

Leon Dash appointed director of the Center for Advanced Study at Illinois

Ten professors begin Center for Advanced Study appointments

Speech expert says Obama needs a narrative, moral appeal and villains

Two new I space exhibitions examine feminist health, aging issues

Chancellor's Scholars named to Campus Honors Program

Nonagenarian researcher petitions FDA to ban trans fats

Economic crisis spawns new MBA scholarships at U. of I.

War, genocide 'difficult knowledge' to teach younger students

Over time, an invasive plant loses its toxic edge

U. of I. economist to address European global warming conference


Spurlock Museum at U. of I. wins accreditation from national association

9/11 memorial concert to take place in Smith Hall on U. of I. campus

Shrinking Bylot Island glaciers tell story of climate change

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Sept. 3 through 20

Food authority and author kicks off this fall's reading series at Illinois

Allerton Barn Festival a buffet of music, dance, nature and food

U. of I. slates tribute to folklore icon Archie Green

Genomic study yields plausible cause of colony collapse disorder

Ultrathin LEDs create new classes of lighting and display systems

Gang presence in urban parks complicates lives of residents

Illinois failing to meet guidelines for child welfare, study indicates

Study: Scientists' strategic reading of research enhanced by digital tools

Some aspects of birding not always environmentally friendly, professor says

Retirees' health-care benefits at risk, study warns

Ultrathin LEDs create new classes of lighting and display systems – Graphics only

Listening to rocks helps researchers better understand earthquakes

Newly found DNA catalysts cleave DNA with water molecule

Honey-bee aggression study suggests nurture alters nature

Study: Financial windfalls hasten early retirement

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Aug. 20 through Sept. 6

Parental influences differ in determining child’s later academic success

Midwest experts agree on recommendations for nuclear waste storage

New cancer drug delivery system is effective and reversible

Airline overbooking policy well known and so, too, should be its creator


Highest achieving students' names appear on Bronze Tablet

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Aug. 6 through 23

Male germ cells can be directly converted into other cell types

Cancers set to ‘explode’ in Latino/a populations, expert says

Too early to consider another stimulus package, U. of I. economist says

Rethinking Brownian motion with the emperor's new clothes

Four professors at Illinois elected fellows of American Chemical Society

New evidence shows wild chimpanzees can contract AIDS-like illness

New book explores post-emancipation education of blacks in Mississippi

Public comment about U. of I. sought as part of evaluation process

Tension in axons is essential for synaptic signaling, researchers report

Uterine cells produce their own estrogen during pregnancy

Sotomayor held to different standard of objectivity, media scholar says

Market-style incentives to increase school choice have opposite effect

Flexible neck in cell-receptor DC-SIGN targets more pathogens

U. of I. education expert: community colleges undervalued, underfunded

Recession-driven cuts in advertising risk long-term losses, expert says

Study: Restoring lost privileges an overlooked key to discipline

Two Illinois professors to receive Presidential Early Career Awards

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from July 16 through Aug. 9

Plastics chemical retards growth, function of adult reproductive cells

Those unsure of own ideas more resistant to views of others


Exhibition of works by U. of I. graduates shows commitment to fieldwork

Researchers see evidence of memory in the songbird brain

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from July 2 through 19

First acoustic metamaterial 'superlens' created by U. of I. researchers

U. of I. student, recent graduate win awards for study abroad

Owning too much company stock puts workers' retirement at risk

Toxic molecule may help birds "see" north and south

Youth music camps offer diverse learning, performance opportunities

Two U. of I. employees elected to new SURS board

Online tutorials help elementary school teachers make sense of science

Assaults and batteries up, robberies down in U. of I. crime report

Unlike rubber bands, molecular bonds may not break faster when pulled

Trans fat hinders multiple steps in blood flow regulation pathways

Climate change already is having an impact in the Midwest and across the U.S.

Scientists break light modulation speed record – twice

Five-day piano institute at Illinois offers classes, recitals, gala concert

U. of I. musicologist to receive Humboldt Award for lifetime achievements

Listening to workers a key to organizational success, U. of I. expert says

Stimulus package provided hope that spared U.S. economy, expert says

Listening to workers a key to organizational success, U. of I. expert says

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from June 18 through July 5

Researchers describe 'implausible' chemistry that produces herbicidal compound

College of Business honors students at annual banquet

Government intervention stifling economic growth and recovery, expert says

Midge keeps invasive mosquito in check, aiding native mosquitoes

U. of I. slates forum to examine economic downturn

U. of I. employees, retirees among candidates for new SURS board

Aluminum-oxide nanopore beats other materials for DNA analysis

Two new I space exhibitions focus on architecture

ACES Dean Robert Easter named interim provost at Illinois

Faster protein folding achieved through nanosecond pressure jump

Scholar unconvinced new lie-detection methods better than old ones

World premiere among highlights of summer harp events at Illinois


Graduate students awarded fellowships from FMC Technologies Inc.

Graduate students receive grants to pursue gerontology research

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from June 4 through 21

Three students at Urbana campus win Avery Brundage Scholarships

Evidence of macroscopic quantum tunneling detected in nanowires

Geographic isolation drives the evolution of a hot springs microbe

Music, dance, nature and astronomy on stage at expanded music festival

Contracts adding legal twist to family health care

Study shows judges' backgrounds matter in high court selection

Synthetic catalyst mimics nature's 'hydrogen economy'

Education campaign needed on Social Security, Medicare woes, expert says

Labor laws leave workers at risk during crises, legal expert says

Making data more accessible could create more accountable government

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from May 21 through June 7

Body movements can influence problem solving, researchers report

Dance, architecture students collaborate on sustainable dance space

Student diversity at risk in wake of recession, new business dean warns

See the force: Mechanical stress leads to self-sensing in solid polymers

Universities at risk if academic freedom wanes, new book says

Grain prices rebound from flu-linked declines, economist says

Online gambling a bad bet for America, U. of I. expert says


Applied baccalaureate degrees at two-year colleges play critical roles

Commencement ceremonies to take place May 17 at Illinois

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from May 7 through 24

Nineteen to be honored for excellence in teaching, advising

For your health, pick a mate who is conscientious and, perhaps, also neurotic

Nanoneedle is small in size, but huge in applications

Two U. of I. MBA students earn global leadership award

U. of I. plans national conference to explore economic crisis

New study overturns orthodoxy on how macrophages kill bacteria

Solomon earns accounting institute's top educator award

What makes a cow a cow? Genome sequence sheds light on ruminant evolution

Chromosome breakpoints contribute to genetic variation

Study: Public service an option in exchange for mortgage relief

Moms Association elects officers, directors

Moms Association bestows honors during Moms Weekend

Artists and art critics are paired in new I space exhibition

Ability grouping in elementary school hampers minority students' literacy

U. of I. to host state finals of Science Olympiad April 25

Self-assembled nanowires could make chips smaller and faster

New book offers insider view of pivotal labor conflict

Illinois physicist elected fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Students find gold in first e-waste design competition at Illinois

Brain Day 2009: Spend a day exploring your own and others' brains

Chancellor honors 14 University of Illinois employees

Chicago educator named new director of University High School

Gambling ban would reverse recession, new book says

Two at Illinois win Goldwater Scholarships; third gets honorable mention

Researchers study signaling networks that set up genetic code

Noted scholar's talk on modern Greek part of campus outreach efforts

Study: Price gap threatens Chicago Board of Trade's wheat futures market

Religious studies professor Valerie Hoffman named 2009 Carnegie Scholar

Panel discussions and other events announced as part of 2009 'Ebertfest'

Japanese cuisine expert to take part in Japan House Open House April 18

New U. of I. institute combines emerging digital research and arts media

Ivory tower needs to adapt to online media landscape, scholar says

Gambling threatens national security, new book warns

Events at the University of Illinois from April 16 through May 10

Three at U. of I. win Guggenheim Fellowships

U. of I. senior from Glenview, Ill., wins Gates Cambridge Scholarship

U. of I. economist Lawrence DeBrock named dean of College of Business

New book series renews call for ban on gambling

'Unfunded liabilities' a financial myth, expert says

Study: Health undervalued in reproductive rights debate


TV news on organ donation says little about need, how to become a donor

Physical activity may strengthen children's ability to pay attention

A little java makes it easier to jive, researcher says

New molecular force probe stretches molecules, atom by atom

Woodstock, vampires, animation and politics all part of 2009 'Ebertfest'

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from April 2 through 19

Two Illinois professors honored by Howard Hughes Medical Institute

New drug agent knocks out multiple enzymes in cancer pathway

Social skills, extracurricular activities in high school pay off later in life

Rotation is key to understanding volcanic plumes, scientists say

High-speed signal mixer demonstrates capabilities of transistor laser

Odds are, seedings don't matter after Sweet Sixteen, U. of I. professor says

Most effective zoning policies take regional concerns into account

U. of I. to host international consumer behavior conference

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from March 19 through April 5

Researchers take first look at the genetic dynamics of inbreeding depression

Untold story of Irving Berlin's 50 years of work in theater is scholar's focus

Researchers discover a new pathway that regulates inflammation

Study of protein structures reveals key events in evolutionary history

Japanese architectural trends reflect unique realities, scholar says

Extra Medicare charges for the rich a slippery slope, expert says

Older air traffic controllers perform as well as young on job-related tasks

U. of I. performances now accessible through comprehensive Web center

Human aspects of climate change to be focus of conference at Illinois

Geeks may be chic, but negative nerd stereotype still exists, professor says

Markets still a good litmus test for the economy, finance expert says


Health campaigns that promote exercise may cause people to eat more

Keys to Obama speeches: clarity, structure and making sense of the world

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from March 5 through 22

New U. of I. Web site a gateway to summer programs for children and youth

Two honorary-degree recipients chosen for commencement ceremonies

Certified teachers+modern instruction=better public-school math scores

Yale professor to give 2009 Thulin lecture in religion

Physical fitness improves spatial memory, increases size of brain structure

University of California astronomer to present public talk

Number of reported crimes on U. of I. campus dropped in fall semester

In-store video ads a boon to retailers, a peril for traditional media

Six Urbana campus faculty members recognized as University Scholars

Concussions linked to suppressed brain functioning years later

Donors pledge $14 million for Brazilian studies institute at Illinois

Team learns how cellular protein detects viruses, sparks immune response

Humanities research program at Illinois names fellowship award winners

New imaging technique reveals the atomic structure of nanocrystals

Conference to focus on induction, mentoring for new teachers in Illinois

Two University of Illinois professors win 2009 Sloan Fellowships

New working-class task force faces broad challenges, labor expert says

Ethanol plants no panacea for local economies, study finds

Scientists prove graphene's edge structure affects electronic properties

The science suggests access to nature is essential to human health

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Feb. 19 through March 8

Research on viral origins suggests new definition of virus may be needed

New silver-based ink has applications in printed electronics

Ending stimulus as important as launching it, economist says

Rote memorization of historical facts adds to collective cluelessness

U. of I. students developing creative ways to re-use electronic waste

Chinatowns project unrealistic image of China, study shows

Venomous, carnivorous centipedes horrify in Insect Fear Film Festival

Krannert Art Museum exhibition celebrates 'Black Girlhood'

Carnegie Foundation recognizes U. of I. for community-engagement efforts

High CO2 boosts plant respiration, potentially affecting climate and crops

U. of I. School of Music's quartet in residence wins Grammy Award

Carbon nanotube avalanche process nearly doubles current

Disruptions in daily routine can adversely affect a couple's conversation

Illinois professor elected to National Academy of Engineering

Exhibition explores 'argument' between abstraction and representation

Experts to discuss finding work in a sour economy

New plasma transistor could create sharper displays

Moms Association to honor assistant dean in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Slash in corporate investment creating long-term problems

Center for Children's Books announces 2009 Gryphon winners

Historian to speak Feb. 11 on change of Lincoln's views on slavery


'Sunset Boulevard' kicks off humanities program's spring film series

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Feb. 5 through 22

Super Bowl ads will reflect tough economy, says advertising professor

Future of public education in state of Illinois subject of seminar

Engineering professor now leading U. of I. Graduate College

Entomology department marks centennial with insect calendar

U. of I. students win national accounting competition

All work and no play makes for troubling trend in early education

Economist says renewed financial crisis looms unless government acts

Integrated town that predates Civil War earns landmark status

Two professors receive grants in support of projects in performing arts

Highest achieving students' names appear on Bronze Tablet

Physics conference to focus on experience of undergraduate women

Study looks at how mental health care affects outcomes for foster children

Scholar's new book examines cultural forces behind Obama's victory

Lack of thermoelectric effect is cool feature in carbon nanotubes

Award-winning professor named dean of U. of I. College of Law

MLK commemoration events schedule announced

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Jan. 15 through Feb. 8

Online racial discrimination linked to depression, anxiety in teens

Senate has little choice but to accept Burris, legal expert says

Value of international math and science test questioned by scholar

Flawed deposit insurance programs need reform, banking expert says

Doubts make consumers more willing to reevaluate brands, study finds

'Recovery coaches' effective in reducing number of babies exposed to drugs

Ridesharing can be made into more attractive cost-saver, study shows