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Membrane research opens window to benefits for plants, humans

Researchers demonstrate single molecule absorption spectroscopy

Purdue engineering dean to be named new provost at Illinois

Study shows complex link between abuse and eating disorders

New technique helps researchers determine amino-acid charge

Stretchable silicon could be next wave in electronics

U. of I. guide recommends best children's books

Flatworm genes may provide insights into human diseases, researchers say

Design-conference book a must-have for leading U.S. design houses

Parental liability laws misguided and simplistic, legal scholar says

Exhibition at U. of I. Chicago art gallery focuses on inmates' inventions

Documentary, book explore icons of 20th century American art

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Dec. 15 through Jan. 22, 2006

Priceless baseball volumes returned to U. of I. Library

Global warming could halt ocean circulation, with harmful results

Priceless 'Black Sox' scandal book missing from library at Illinois

Rivers on Titan, one of Saturn's moons, resemble those on earth

Climate models need deeper roots, scientists say

Illinois economic index down slightly, but still expanding, expert says

State vs. federal rules at issue in regulation of HMOs


Documentaries were 'hot' in Spain in 1930s, author says

Music, lecture, readings at Illinois to celebrate author Thomas Mann

Researchers solve one mystery of high-temperature superconductors

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Dec. 1 through 18

U. of I. professor recognized by Scientific American magazine

Early start on college possible in 50 states, but results unclear

Caution: Medicare drug plan may cause headaches

Give a visiting ant a nice play to stay and it might stick around

Conference to give underrepresented students a taste of college

Exercise adds years to life and improves quality, researchers say

Technology contributes to scholar's reinterpretation of ancient tablets

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Nov. 17 through Dec. 4

Two hundred twenty Illinois graduates granted Bronze Tablet honors

Boards that oversee human-subject research need overhaul

Laws about pregnant women and substance abuse questioned

U. of I. Creative Writing Program inaugurates reading program, craft talk

U. of I. classics department celebrating 100th year

Flash Index of Illinois economy held steady in October, latest data show

Reasoning behind sodomy-law ruling bears on zoning laws


American music to be celebrated throughout November at Illinois

Using science in classroom on behalf of a cause predates 'intelligent design'

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Nov. 3 through 20

Sisyphean movement of motor proteins may help preserve DNA integrity

Six professors at Illinois elected as 2005 AAAS Fellows

Trans State Airlines to suspend service to Willard Airport

Two shows at U. of I.'s Chicago art gallery focus on recognition, reading

Changes in brain, not age, determine one's ability to focus on task

Pulitzer prize-winning journalism professor gives papers to U. of I. Library

NIH grant to fund Nanomedicine Development Center at Illinois

Street-design project to be focus of planning meetings in Macomb, Ill.

Symposium to explore Native American news and issues beyond 'The Chief'

Public forum to examine local resources supporting children

Fast-growing kudzu making inroads in Illinois, authorities warn

Proofreading and error-correction in nanomaterials inspired by nature

Center for Advanced Studies announces November lecture series

Israeli journalist to speak on peace, other topics, during campus visit

Passes for Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival go on sale Nov. 1

To stem disease, keep cats indoors, stop feeding strays, scientist urges

Exhibition examines 'performance and surveillance' in video art

Web page provides pet owners with information on dog flu

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Oct. 20 through Nov. 6

Beneficial effects of no-till farming depend upon future climate change

Study: 'Run-down' feeling with illness may last longer as people age

Aggravated assaults increased in U. of I. reporting district, statistics show

Japan House to hold annual fall open house Oct. 22

Researchers seeking alternative to surgery for brain cancers

Vanadium appears to play role in speeding recovery from infections

Homecoming at Illinois promises to heat up campus

Research advances understanding of how hydrogen fuel is made

'Shelter From the Storm' concerts to benefit hurricane victims

Molecular research suggests shift needed in how drugs are created

U. of I. Flash Index of economy bounces back to high point


Violence, exile to be topics of literature conferences at Illinois

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Oct. 6 through 23

Conference, campus walk to showcase health benefits of walking

American premiere of Enescu opera to take place at Illinois

Shredded tires a cheap, environmentally friendly way to cover landfills

U. of I. researchers to play key roles in study of how life emerged on earth

U. of I. to host festival of award-winning French films Oct. 7-13

Hybrid grass may prove to be valuable fuel source

Lewis and Clark exhibition examines 'other half of the story,' historian says

Room-temperature transistor laser is step closer to commercialization

U. of I. granted affiliate status by Smithsonian Institution

U. of I. chemistry professor wins $500,000 MacArthur Fellow Award

U. of I. forum to consider 'megacatastrophes,' such as hurricane Katrina

Writers to read from their works in free, public events at Illinois

Medievalists to meet at Illinois for symposium honoring distinguished scholar

Tennessee Williams' play, related events scheduled at Illinois

Workplace arbitration becoming more costly for employers

Prospective law students invited to Law School Day at Illinois

Web site provides forum for discussion of Katrina aftemath, how to help

Researchers zero in on estrogen's role in breast-cancer cell growth

U. of I. Asian American Cultural Center to celebrate grand opening

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Sept. 15 through Oct. 9

When cave crickets go out for dinner, they really go, researchers say

Climate change will affect carbon sequestration in oceans, model shows

Experts should be thinking -- now -- beyond Katrina rescue effort

I Space exhibition examine nature-culture interplay, Wright home plans


New techniques study the brain's chemistry, neuron by neuron

Expert on immigration issues to be visiting scholar, speaker at U. of I.

Seven U. of I. professors join Center for Advanced Study

Linguists from more than 20 nations to hold conference at Illinois

Fine arts scholars join computer scientists to explore cultural creativity

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Sept. 1 through 18

Earth's core rotates faster than its crust, scientists say

Princeton economist to lecture about global labor market

TV ads market junk food to kids, new study finds

Welfare, war, marriage among topics in fall lecture series at Illinois

Rise of unincorporated businesses linked to regulatory, ethical issues

Sarbanes-Oxley Act unfair when company is bankrupt, law scholar says

New center at Illinois will examine how to safeguard nation's power grid

Statewide initiative aims for support for all new Illinois teachers

Battered women who kill in non-beating situation have self-defense right

'Cookbook recipes' would cure disease with nontoxic DNA delivery systems

Agronomy Day a window on new research at University of Illinois

Cells direct membrane traffic by channel width, scientists say

No strong link seen between violent video games and aggression

Flash Index of Illinois economy climbing, U. of I. economist says


Governors' pact on electricity transmission a sensible step, expert says

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Aug. 4 through Sept. 4

Catalyst support structures facilitate high-temperature fuel reforming

Teens' use of Internet and online services documented in new book

Arts program provides services, guidance to HIV/AIDS patients

Girls' confidence in math dampened by parents' gender stereotypes

Comparative chromosome study finds breakage trends, cancer ties

Waning economy, increasing numbers of lawyers fuel litigation in Japan

Student composer writes tribute to cycling champ Lance Armstrong

Microreactor efficiently regenerates cofactors for biocatalysis

Scholars of emblems to gather at Illinois

Cultural mindset a factor in forming responses to challenges

U. of I. law library acquires prized Blackstone legal commentaries

Malpractice litigation wrongly blamed for inconsistent health care

Trip aims to discover how Russia deals with information-access issues

Illinois chemists spray their way to better catalysts

150 freshmen, sophomores at Illinois named Chancellor's Scholars

Ambassador program to connect U. of I. medical school with community

Archaeologist's new mystery novel dug out of real-life work

I space gallery to feature works by recent art-school graduates

Program helps small businesses save energy and money

Space shuttle Columbia's last flight formed clouds over Antarctica

Phi Kappa Phi initiates recognized for scholarly distinction

Former president: governing boards 'need to be re-examined, reformed'

Technique provides new look on response of diseased canine heart

U. of I. Flash Index continues upward trend

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from July 7 through Aug. 7


DVD-Editing software raises ire of Hollywood, interest of courts

Program to bring Singaporeans to Illinois to pursue doctoral studies

DNA constraints control structure of attached macromolecules

College of Business Award Winners

Architecture Award Winners for Spring 2005

New computer application integrates composition and sound synthesis

Macromolecules on surface control mobility in phospholipid bilayers

'Strange' physics experiment is unraveling structure of proton

Superconducting nanowires show ability to measure magnetic fields

Illinois teachers attend statewide institutes on technology, teaching

Changes advocated in license renewals for elderly drivers

Chemist Kenneth L. Rinehart dies at 76

Aggravated assaults and batteries rose on U. of I. campus

Thin films of silicon nanoparticles roll into flexible nanotubes

Logging changed ecological balance for monkeys, damaged health

Two Illinois researchers to receive Presidential Early Career Awards

Property-tax relief for elderly now freighted with political baggage

Summer Jazz Festival features guest artists, U. of I. musicians

Nutritious frozen foods can play role in weight-loss programs

TV confuses children about which foods are healthy, new study finds

Gambling expert decries Indian tribes' attempts to get land for casinos

Body-image issues involving gay men are subject of new I space exhibition

University and local schools start new summer academy for teachers

Medieval studies librarian to head rare books library at Illinois

Summer Research Lab to draw scholars from around the world

Middle school teachers to take part in science program at Illinois


Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from June 2 through July 10

College of Business scholarship program to benefit members of military

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is focus of U. of I. scholar's latest book

Hosts needed for Japanese students coming to U. of I.

Writer Andrei Codrescu donates literary works to U. of I. Library

Flexible tactile sensors could help robots work better

Mount St. Helens: 25 years later

Program provides graduate fellowships for top Vietnamese students

Four Urbana campus graduate students win FMC Fellowships

Eight students at Urbana campus win Avery Brundage Scholarships

U. of I. student awarded graduate scholarship for study of aging

Social Security not in peril as President Bush suggests, expert says

Scholar: Tourists should reflect on themselves, tourism experience

Photographs, painting and sculpture on view in new I space exhibitions

By creating molecular 'bridge,' scientists change function of a protein

Report: African-Americans under-represented on Champaign County juries

Two U. of I. researchers named to National Academy of Sciences

Flash Index of Illinois economy at highest reading in more than six years

U. of I. alumni research scholar Martin Gruebele receives Bessel Prize

Researchers to receive EPA award for efforts to protect ozone layer

Excusing military elite in Abu Ghraib scandal part of 'shameful pattern'

Career of Judge Harlington Wood Jr. is focus of U. of I. Library exhibit

Phil Donahue, Seymour Hersh among speakers at U. of I. media conference


Scientists issue warning about dangers beetle poses to Illinos ash trees

U. of I. senior one of 11 students nationwide to win Churchill Scholarship

Role of soy food in addressing obesity to be topic of U. of I. forum

Two exhibits explore American culture through sheet-music covers

U. of I. scholars elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from May 5 through June 5

Annual instructional awards banquet set for today

Biosphere is source, not sink, for carbon dioxide emissions, study shows

Kinley lecturer to talk about how the modern financial system works

Geologist digs deep - the Pito Deep, 6,000 meters beneath the ocean

Grant will help Mortenson Center at Illinois assist African librarians

Exhibit at Illinois commemorates anniversary of political imprisonment

Field trip to educate Champaign students about water-related issues

Inaugural Asian American Alumni Award to honor the late Iris Chang

Inaugural conference challenges trend toward one kind of research

Impact of spread of free-market policies to be discussed at conference

Brain Awareness Day May 1 at Orpheum Children's Science Museum

Changes in management of finances needed to solve state pension crisis

European modernism and information society focus of U. of I. conference

New program aims to keep seniors mentally active and thriving

Synergistic SuperGrid for transporting energy moves closer to reality

Bruce Rhoads, U. of I. geography professor, wins Guggenheim Fellowship

John M. Unsworth, dean of U. of I. library school, wins $25,000 Lyman Award

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from April 21 through May 8

Psychological reasoning begins earlier than had been thought, study shows

Teachers, administrators urging middle schoolers to turn off TV for a week

Avian flu, rabies among topics of infectious disease conference at Illinois

Information on three new agricultural pests enhances web tool for farmers

New material structure produces world's fastest transistor

Research questions belief that private schools are better than publics

Director of French industrial economic institute to speak at Illinois

Christmas week snowstorm in Ohio river valley broke all records

Molecular motors cooperate in moving cellular cargo, study shows

Researchers improve design of genetic on-off switches

France to honor U. of I. history professor and past award-winners at Illinois

U. of I. Concert Jazz Band named top big band at Texas Jazz Festival

Arsenic removal from drinking water is focus of new projects

Six professors, six students win Humanities Fellowships at Illinois

University of Illinois to host state championship Rube Goldberg contest

Ambassador of Luxembourg to U.S. to speak during EU Day April 12 at Illinois

Online master's degree gives teachers the tools to think globally

Interim-dean designate named, pending board approval, for engineering college

Flash Index of Illinois Economy rises to highest level in six years

Students at Illinois devise plan to redevelop abandonded coke oven plant


Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from April 7 through 24

Author, CBS commentator Bill Geist to be commencement speaker at Illinois

New U. of I. president to deliver lecture on leadership April 11

Weather forecasts may be predictors for prevalence of West Nile virus

Components in grapes inhibit enzyme key to proliferation of cancer cells

Four U. of I. students win Goldwater Scholarships

Improved dielectric developed for chip-level copper circuitry

International group of scholars to meet at Illinois to consider Arabic linguistics

If you fill it, they will slurp -- and slurp, and slurp and slurp ...

Linda Bierds, prolific poet, to read from latest work, meet with U. of I. students

George Inness' landscapes reveal more than portrayal of nature, author says

Point-contact spectroscopy deepens mystery of heavy-fermion superconductors

Theories of high-temperature superconductivity violate Pauli Principle

Membraneless fuel cell is tiny, versatile

Bollywood, The Phantom and French masterpiece headline 'Ebertfest'

Two journalists, documentary filmmaker to discuss their work, other issues

MillerComm Lectures feature civil rights leader, Pulitzer winner, Nobelist

Design conference at Illinois focuses on nexus of design, business, technology

Countywide forecasts of water use available for Illinois, Midwest

Membraneless fuel cell is tiny, versatile

Staying positive when helping a child with homework stimulates motivation

Unique weather a factor in record 2004 Midwest crop yields

Bill Hammack, U. of I. engineering professor, named Jefferson Science Fellow

Ian Robinson, U. of I. physics professor, receives Humboldt Award

Rare blue poppy among highlights of event at U. of I. Plant Biology Conservatory

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from March 17 through April 10

Carver Trust grant to advance molecular studies at Illinois

Asian American Awareness Month taking place at University of Illinois

Flash Index of Illinois economy indicates moderate expansion taking place

Schools visiting U. of I. to recruit teachers on annual placement day

Temperature inside collapsing bubble four times that of sun

Conference at Illinois focuses on police activities as they relate to terrorism

Philippine scholar, legal expert win U. of I. achievement awards

Insects, viruses could hold key for better human teamwork in disasters

Chemists synthesize molecule that helps body battle cancers, malaria

Bugs, even the 'bad' ones, can be educationally beneficial, new book says


Photos celebrating architectural works worldwide to be on display at U. of I.

High-fidelity patterns form spontaneously when solvent evaporates

New I space exhibitions feature sculpture, drawings and installation work

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from March 3 through 20

High-intensity ultrasound creates hollow nanospheres and nanocrystals

'Protracted Symposium' mixes talking, walking and investigation of places

Director of U. of I.'s Japan House to take paper cranes to Japan on peace tour

Illinois student programmers to compete in 'Battle of the Brains'

Cotton Club to offer musical journey from Harlem Renaissance to today

Proposed changes to Social Security to be topic of free, public forum at Illinois

National Science Olympiad to take place May 20-21 at Illinois

Chemical analysis of mushrooms shows their nutritional benefits

Research focusing on why estrogenic hormones produce differing results

Engineering Open House at Illinois highlights creativity

Events to highlight Sousa and his ties to first band director at Illinois

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Feb. 17 through March 6

Aggravated assaults, batteries up sharply at end of 2004 in U. of I. district

International activities on U. of I. campus and in community to be focus of event

Designing for healthy lifestyle to be topic of this year's U. of I. Planning Institute

Six Urbana campus faculty members named University Scholars

Forensic entomology to be theme of this year's 'Insect Fear Film Festival'

Women's health, tissue regeneration to be focus of joint U. of I.-Carle program

Children's Book Center annual sale takes place Feb. 21-23 at Illinois

'Little Rat Rides' wins 2005 Gryphon Award for children's literature

Tiny superconductors withstand stronger magnetic fields

Fiction writer leads off Carr Visiting Authors Reading Series at Illinois

Methamphetamine's ruinous effects on children documented in midwest study

Poet's latest collection inspired by paintings of three Caribbean artists

Co-creator of PBS documentary on American art to preview film locally

U. of I. Flash Economic Index rose slightly in January, continuing upward trend


Architecture students honored for academic excellence

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Feb. 3 through 20

Satellite data reveal immense pollution pool over Bihar, India

Architectural work featured in new exhibitions at U. of I. gallery in Chicago

Architecture professor using four stories' worth of windows to display art

Howard K. Birnbaum, materials expert at University of Illinois, dies at age 72

Embrace your regrets and move forward, psychologist says

Molecular scale resolution achieved in polymer nanoimprinting technique

Honorary degree recipients chosen for U. of I. commencement ceremonies May 15

Forum Feb. 1 to explore world response to tsunami disaster

Exhibition features inventive art created from the mundane

Spanish language radio broadcasting on the University of Illinois campus

Early spring lectures in Center for Advanced Study series announced

Researchers to discuss potential of swine as models for human disease

Events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Jan. 20 through Feb. 6

Super-star clusters may be born small and grow by coalescing

Super-star clusters may be born small and grow by coalescing (graphic only)

Events for Martin Luther King Jr. celebration announced

U. of I. Flash Index ends year on upswing, caps strong year for state economy