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Advertising Online with Inside Illinois

Inside Illinois, the official faculty/staff newspaper at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, will transition to an online-only media resource in September. We will continue to offer advertising to our clients online.

Inside Illinois Online isn’t just another website. We have a 36-year history of delivering news to faculty and staff members at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our online-only model includes an email newsletter sent to all faculty and staff members and additional subscribers that will draw readers to the new homepage. We also plan to build our subscriber list by inviting students, retirees and alumni to subscribe. Our advertising program has been
providing a cost-effective way for advertisers to get their message to faculty and staff members since 2003, and it will continue to do so in our redesigned online model.

Inside Illinois Online Media Kit

Our new rates for online advertising are now available in a downloadable PDF file and in the chart below. Please note we have just one rate for campus and off-campus advertisers except that all nonprofit advertisers, which includes campus units, will receive a 10 percent discount. Nonprofit organizations that are not affiliated with the university will have to provide proof of tax-exempt status.

2015-16 Advertising Brochure (pdf)     

To reserve space, download our 2015-15 Advertising Contract (pdf)
You can either fill in the pdf and email it to us, or print it and fax or mail it to us.

Print dates remaining for summer: Aug. 6 and Aug. 20.


    Ads must conform to the following sizes. Ads are due one week prior to publication. Ads must be submitted electronically (PDF format preferred). Minimum line screen is 85 lpi. Make sure all elements are grayscale for black-and-white ads and CMYK (not RGB) for process color ads. First-time advertisers should submit ads early. Send ads to the editor.

    Graphic of the different page sizes available for advertising.

    Click graphic for larger view.

    Ad Description
    Ad Location
    (width x height)
    A LL-Top Large Leaderboard ROS: Top of page 970 X 90
    AA LL-Bottom Large Leaderboard ROS Bottom of page 970 X 90
    B MR-Top Medium Rectangle ROS: Homepage: Top of Page
    Article pages: Below Half-Page
    300 X 250
    C IC-Middle In-Content Leaderboard ROS: Middle of page within content 728 X 90
    D HP-Top Half-Page Article Pages only: Top in right column 300 X 600


    The Large Leaderboard ad, In-Content and Medium Rectangle ads are Run of Site
    (ROS) – they appear on the main page/homepage and on all interior (article)
    pages of the Inside Illinois website. The Half-Page ad is too large for the main
    page, so it runs on all the interior pages (article pages). Ads appear on every page that is opened on our website, whether it is a current article or an old article. The website places current advertisers onto any page that is opened.

    Ads are on a one-in-seven rotation. Advertisers have the option to increase
    their visibility by purchasing multiple ads in a specific spot. If space is not sold
    out, an ad may appear more frequently at the discretion of the publisher.

    Advertising creative can be changed monthly. An advertiser may rotate
    more than one ad per placement for no additional charge. Ads link to the client’s
    website if an accurate url is provided at the time the ad is provided. Inside
    Illinois is not responsible if inaccurate information is provided.(Ads may be
    changed weekly for an additional fee.)

    All advertisements should be provided in .jpg, .gif or .png formats in the exact
    dimensions indicated.


    These rates are for units or organizations affiliated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If a person affiliated with the university wishes to place an ad to promote an independent business venture or event, the cost would be calculated using rates for external clients. All rates are net and not commissionable.




    Fall 2015
    1 month free

    1 semester
    10% off

    20% off

    25% off
    25% off
    Note: Calendar is based on academic calendar.
    A semester = 4 months: Fall = September-December; Spring = January-April; Summer = May-August.
    Annual contracts may be initiated at any time and will run 12 months from the time of signing.
    * If space is not sold out, an ad may appear more frequently at the discretion of the publisher.
    Nonprofit organizations, including university units, are eligible for a
    10 percent discount off the rate card. Off-campus nonprofit
    organizations must provide proof of tax-exempt status.


Who reads Inside Illinois?

Demographic information (Updated June 2015)

The email newsletter will be sent at least once a week to every U. of I. employee and highlight the news and feature articles on our website. Additional subscribers other than
faculty and staff members may include retirees, alumni and students, but we will not require an affiliation with the university, so anyone can subscribe. Updated information
about U. of I. faculty and staff members*:

  • U. of I. employees on the Urbana-Champaign campus are divided into three employee groups: 4,688 academic professional employees, 4,621 civil service workers and 2,763 faculty members (including postdoctoral research associates).
  • The total number of employees on campus is almost equally divided between men (50.3 percent) and women (49.7 percent).
  • 86 percent are between 31 and 64.
  • 76 percent live in Champaign County.
  • 64.7 percent live in Champaign-Urbana and nearby Mahomet and Savoy.

* Source: June 2015/U. of I. Division of Management Information

Advertising Policies

Contracts, payment
A signed contract is required for all advertisers. (A digital signature is acceptable.) University departments, units, programs and organizations must provide a department C-FOAP number for billing purposes. Off-campus advertisers may pay by check or electronic check. Nonprofit
organizations, including university units, are eligible for a 10 percent discount off the rate card. Off-campus nonprofit organizations must provide proof of tax-exempt status.

Content guidelines
Inside Illinois reserves the right to revise, reject or cancel, in whole or in part, any advertising for any reason, including advertisements that advocate illegal actions, promote activities that are detrimental or damaging to the UI or its mission, or may be interpreted as defamatory, an invasion of privacy, fraudulent, obscene or a violation of the law or university policies and rules. Inside Illinois will not accept advertising for political candidates or issues, tobacco or alcohol products, or gambling.

Advertiser responsibility
The advertiser is solely responsible for the accuracy of the content of advertisements submitted. If ads are not clearly recognizable as advertisements, the editor will label them as

Design services
Free basic design services are available for ads placed in Inside Illinois if text
and graphics are provided three weeks prior to the start date. Extensive design
or changes to proofs may be assessed extra charges at $25 per hour, with a
minimum charge of one hour.

Cancellation policy
To cancel an advertisement, contact us at least seven days prior to the start date.

For more information

Doris Dahl, editor
507 E. Green St., Room #345
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: 217-333-2895
Fax: 217-244-7124

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