Pond will help prevent flooding

A pond currently under construction in the area between Dorner Drive and McKinley Health Center is designed to help prevent flooding in nearby campus buildings.

The Dorner Drive detention basin will collect excess water from heavy rains, which will help prevent storm drain backups into the lower floors of Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall and surrounding buildings.

Aside from its function for flood prevention, the pond will serve as an attractive addition to the campus; the basin will be landscaped and feature two fountains as well as pedestrian lighting. It will contain water all the time, at an average depth of 10 feet. The water surface area will be approximately 1/2 acre.

The project will cost $783,000 and is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 4. It is funded with state capital funds and is part of the overall Stormwater Management project on the Urbana campus, which eventually will include modifications to the Boneyard Creek.

The pond also should benefit the city of Urbana since it will reduce the flow of water in the 54-inch storm sewer that drains into the Boneyard at Lincoln Avenue.


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