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The Office of Academic Human Resources, Suite 420, 807 S. Wright St., maintains the listings for faculty and academic professional positions. More complete descriptions are available in that office during regular business hours. Job listings are also updated weekly on their Web site at: Any other information may be obtained from the person indicated in the listing.


Accountancy. Lecturer. Graduate degree in accounting and/or business required, experience in managing a communications program in a business school preferred. Minimum $36,000. Available July 1. Sharon McLeod, 333-2451. Closing date: June 15.

Crop Sciences. Assistant/associate professor, soybean breeding and genetics. PhD in plant breeding and genetics or closely related field required. Postdoctoral experience at university or in private industry preferred. Available January. John Dudley, 333-9480, Closing date: Aug. 15.

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. Assistant professor of floriculture crops/greenhouse production. PhD in horticulture or related plant science required. Experience with greenhouse crops and another related discipline preferred. Available January. Joyce Canaday, 333-2770, Closing date: Oct. 20.

Social Work, School of. Clinical assistant professor. MSW from accredited school of social work, clinical social worker license and minimum 10 years' health-care experience required. Available August. Ruppert Downing, 333-2260. Closing date: June 6.

academic professional

Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. Marketing specialist, consumer and textile marketing program (50 percent appointment). BA/BS and minimum two years' experience required. MA/MS preferred. Available Jan. 21. Melissa Warmbier, 333-0737. Closing date: Aug. 20.

Agricultural Engineering. Extension specialist, certified livestock manager program facilitator. BS in agricultural engineering, animal science, crop science or related field required. Available Aug. 1. Dini Voss, 244-9528. Closing date: June 30.

Alumni Association (Chicago). Assistant editor (50 percent appointment). BA in journalism or related field required, minimum one year's experience writing for a periodical preferred. Available immediately. D. DiIorio, (312) 996-6569, Closing date: June 13.

Applied Life Studies. Academic adviser/lecturer, kinesiology (nine-month position with some summer work). BS required, MS in kinesiology and minimum one year's experience preferred. Available Aug. 21. Search Committee, 333-2131. Closing date: June 30.

Assembly Hall. Director. Available immediately. Susan Yung Maul, 333-0161. Closing date: June 25.

Athletics, Division of Intercollegiate. Media/communications specialist. Available immediately. Dave Johnson, 333-1391. Closing date: when filled.

Aviation, Institute of. Aviation education specialist (1 - 8 openings expected; part-time positions available, nine-month positions). Available Aug. 21. Rick Weinberg, 244-8793. Closing date: June 30.

Beckman Institute. Research programmer. BS in computer science, electrical engineering or related field required with minimum two years' relevant experience, MS preferred. Available immediately. Keven Haggerty, 244-9489, Closing date: June 6.

Beckman Institute. Research programmer, Theoretical Biophysics Group. MS or BS in physical science or computer science with experience in structural biology required. Working knowledge of C++ required. Minimum two years' UNIX programming experience. Gila Budescu,, 244-6914. Extended closing date: June 30.

Biotechnology Center. Research specialist in life science, flow cytometry. BS with minimum two years' experience operating lab instrumentation and minimum one year's experience preparing samples required. Available July 15. Closing date: June 17.

Biotechnology Center. Research specialist in life science, flow cytometry (50 percent appointment). MS in biophysics or life science with minimum five years' lab experience; two years' with flourescence-based cell analysis technique and minimum one year's flow cytometry application related experience. Available July 1. Gary Durack, 244-0559. Closing date: June 17.

Biotechnology Center. Director of protein services. MS in biology, biochemistry or related natural science field and significant experience required. Available July 1. Barbara Whitmarsh, 244-0144. Closing date: June 17.

Broadcasting, Division of. Network analyst. BA/BS and minimum three years' relevant experience required. Minimum $30,000. Available July 1. Marge Moluf, 333-0850. Closing date: June 6.

Chemical Engineering. Curriculum coordinator for education technology/adjunct associate professor. PhD in chemical engineering with experience teaching chemical engineering courses and knowledge of advanced learning techniques required. Available August. C.F. Zukoski, 333-3640. Closing date: June 18.

Chemistry. Program director, Merit Workshop (0 percent adjunct faculty appointment). MS in chemistry or related natural science or engineering discipline required. Available immediately. Paul Bohn, 333-5071. Closing date: July 17.

Computer Science. Research programmer. Available immediately. Barbara Armstrong, 333-6454, Closing date: June 6.

Computer Science. Research programmer, Pablo Research Group (one or more positions available). Available immediately. Barbara Armstrong, 333-6454, Closing date: June 6.

Cooperative Extension Service. Extension assistant, 4-H Computer Programs. BA/BS and minimum two years' software development experience required, MS preferred. Available immediately. Janice Seitz, 333-9288. Closing date: June 13.

Dance, Theater and Krannert Art Museum. Manager of system services. BA/BS and minimum 3-5 years' relevant experience required. Available June 21. Bruce Halverson, 333-1661. Closing date: June 10.

Dean of Students, Office of. Assistant dean of students. MA/MS and professional experience in student affairs or related field required. Available this fall. Ruth McCauley, 333-0050, Closing date: July 16.

Illini Union. Program manager. BA/BS and minimum two years' experience in student activities required, MA/MS preferred. Available immediately. Minimum $24,000. Chair, Search Committee, 244-8332. Closing date: June 13.

Information Management, Office for. Management methods analyst. MA/MS with minimum two years' experience with DBMS's required. Available July 1. Minimum $35,000. Zvi Ritz, 244-0812, Closing date: June 13.

Information Management, Office for. Network analyst. BA/BS with minimum two years' working experience with LANs required. Available July 1. Minimum $28,000. Zvi Ritz, 244-0812, Closing date: June 13.

Krannert Art Museum. Associate director. Available Aug. 20. Rebecca McBride, 333-6720. Closing date: July 15.

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Assistant director for events. MA or MFA with production and/or stage management preferred. Available Aug. 1. Susan McDonald, 333-6700. Closing date: July 8.

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Creative specialist/arts editor. BA required, MS in arts administration or related field with minimum three years' experience preferred. Available Aug. 18. Maureen Reagan, 244-4864. Closing date: June 16.

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Director of lighting. Available Aug. 15. C.M. Elmore, 333-6700. Closing date: June 15.

Library. Research programmer, Digital Library Initiative. BS in computer science, ECE or related information technology field and minimum two years' relevant experience with computer programming projects required. Minimum $32,000. Available immediately. Allen Dries, 333-5494. Closing date: June 6.

Library and Information Science, Graduate School of. Community liaison for Prairienet. BA required, MA preferred with experience in volunteer management, education or outreach. Available immediately. Ann Bishop, 333-3280, Closing date: June 9.

Materials Research Lab. Research engineer. BS required, MS preferred in applied physics, physics or related engineering field; minimum two years' experience required. Available immediately. Donna Jacobs, 244-2944. Closing date: June 30.

Materials Science and Engineering. Engineering teaching lab specialist. Available immediately. Jay Menacher, 244-6422. Closing date: June 6.

McKinley Health Center. Health educator, drug/alcohol education. Available immediately. Marshall Garrick, 333-2711. Closing date: June 30.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Research engineer. BS in mechanical or industrial engineering and minimum one year's related experience required. Available June 30. Phillip Newcomb, 333-3336. Closing date: June 17.

Medicine, College of. Manager of system services. BS in computer science or related field required, MS with several years' professional experience preferred. Minimum $42,000. Available immediately. Dedra Williams, 333-7566. Closing date: June 16.

Music. Manager of system services. BA/BS and minimum 3-5 years' relevant experience required. Available June 21. Search #5576. Don Moses, 244-2676. Closing date: June 20.

Physics. Research physicist. PhD in physics, graduate and postdoctoral experience in design and use of instrumentation for Raman scattering experiments and mature understanding of physics issues posed by strongly correlated electron systems required. Available July 14. Miles Klein, 333-1744, Closing date: July 3.

Student Accounts and Cashiers. Assistant director for administrative affairs. BS in accounting, finance or related area and minimum five years' management and training experience required. Minimum $35,000. Available immediately. Pat McKenzie, 333-2184, Closing date: June 16.

Study Abroad Office. Assistant director. MA/MS with related experience required, PhD in international field preferred. Available Aug. 21. Sheila Roberts, 333-8331. Closing date: June 30.

Supercomputing Applications, National Center for. Associate director, government programs. BS required, MS in math, computer science or related field and minimum three years' experience with government programs preferred. Available immediately. Staff Resource Center, search #5556, 244-9878, Closing date: June 18.

Vice Chancellor for Research (Research and Technology Management Office). Associate vice chancellor for research. BA/BS required, MA/MS in engineering or related field preferred, with substantial professional level experience in managing intellectual property and technology transfer issues required. Available Jan. 1. Mark Kushner, 244-5137. Closing date: July 15.


Personnel Services Office, 52 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign, conducts open and continuous testing for civil service classifications used on campus. More information is available by calling 333-2137. Or visit their Web site at:


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