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'Campus Profile' debuts on the Web

Carol Livingstone, director of the Division of Management Information, recently announced that the newly expanded "Campus Profile" is now available on the web at: http://www.dmi.uiuc.edu/cp/.

The Campus Profile contains 10 years of data for the campus and for all UIUC departments and colleges. Data accessible through the Campus Profile includes figures regarding staffing levels (full-time equivalent/head count), budgets, expenses, student enrollment, student/faculty ratio, ACT scores, high school ranking, degrees granted, time to degree, instructional units (IUs), sections offered and section size, faculty teaching loads and more. Access to the new site currently is limited to users connected to a computer located on campus.

The Campus Profile, originally developed by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and adapted for the entire campus by the Division of Management, was redesigned last year by the Task Force on Program Evaluation and Assessment. "The expanded 'Campus Profile' puts information in the hands of deans, directors and department heads that can be used to identify targets for program improvement and to judge the effects of improvement efforts over time," said Lizanne DeStefano, professor of educational psychology and chair of the task force subcommittee that identified the qualitative and quantitative indicators in the new system.

"The 'Campus Profile' has been used for years by administrators to look at trends in a unit over time and to facilitate comparisons between units by providing a common set of quantitative indicators," Livingstone said. "We hope that the many new items added to this year's profile will enhance its utility and will stimulate more in-depth discussions of productivity and quality."

"In particular, the hypertext format allows us to link each department's 'Campus Profile' page to a page provided by the department itself. The task force hopes that units will use this feature to create their own 'profiles' of the quality measures that are important to them."


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