Brief: Shared benefits drive begins

A donor drive for the Shared Benefits Program for UI faculty and staff
members will be April 21 through June 15. Employees may only donate to the
program during its annual donor drive.

The purpose of the Shared Benefits program, which was established in
January 1994, is to generate a sick-leave pool that employees may draw from
if they have exhausted leave benefits but are unable to work because of a
personal catastrophic illness or injury or have a disability claim pending
before the State Universities Retirement System.

In the past, employees could participate in the pool only if they had the
required sick-leave balance. Beginning with this donor drive, employees may
participate in the pool by combining accrued sick leave and vacation to
establish eligibility.

General guidelines for the program:

 * An employee must donate at least one benefit day to the pool in order to
   be eligible to request sick-leave credit.
 * An employee who donates to the pool must have at least 10 benefit days
   remaining for his/her personal use. ("Benefit days" are sick leave or
   vacation days; any combination is allowed.)
 * All accrued sick leave and vacation must be exhausted before an employee
   is eligible to request sick-leave credit from the pool.
 * An employee may request sick-leave credit from the pool only for his/her
   illness or injury. (Request forms are available in departments.)
 * An employee who donates to the pool may not designate a particular
   individual to receive his/her donation.
 * An employee is not required to obtain unit approval to donate to the pool.
 * An employee who donates to the pool cannot have his/her donation restored.
 * The number of days donated to the pool will be deducted from the
   employee's vacation balance.

If you would like to donate to the Shared Benefits pool, complete a
donation form and return it to the Personnel Services Office before June
15. Questions concerning the Shared Benefits Program may be directed to
Judy Barker at 333-2144.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1996/04-18-96