CAS fellows announced

By Andrea Lynn

Nine UI faculty members have been appointed fellows in the Center for
Advanced Study for the academic year 1996-97. The appointments, which
provide one semester of released time for creative work on scholarly
research or professional activity, were approved by the UI Board of
Trustees last week.

Two of the appointees have been designated Beckman Fellows. Named for UI
alumnus and benefactor Arnold O. Beckman, the appointments recognize
outstanding younger candidates who have made distinctive scholarly
contributions in the sciences.

Faculty members named Beckman Fellows, and the projects they intend to pursue:
 *  Yi Lu, chemistry, "Structural and Mechanistic Characterization of
    Metal-binding Sites in Ribozymes."
 *  Alexander Sokol, physics, "Many-Body Theory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance."

Faculty members selected as CAS Fellows, and the projects they intend to

 * Kevin Doak, history and East Asian languages and cultures, "Placing the
    People: Ethnic Nationalism and the State in Modern Japan."
 *  H. Rex Gaskins, animal sciences, "Molecular Immunology of Intestinal
    Epithelial Interactions with Autochthonous Bacteria."
 *  Ezekiel Kalipeni, geography, "Environmental Transformation and
    Demographic Change in Southern Africa and Malawi."
 *  Lutgarde Raskin, civil engineering, "Molecular Probes for Anaerobic
    Wastewater Treatment Process Evaluation."
 *  Joseph Valente, English, "Contested Territory: The Concept of Manhood
    in (Post) Colonial Ireland."
 * Alexander Vardy, electrical and computer engineering, "From Hilbert's
    Eighteenth Problem to Wireless Communications: Constructions and Decoders
    for Signal Constellations in Euclidean Space."
 *  Scott Willenbrock, physics, "Top-Quark Physics at Hadron Colliders."

Chosen by professors in the center through an annual competition of faculty
from all departments and colleges, fellows are freed for the semester from
part or all of their teaching duties. The center allocates funds to the
departments to help replace fellows in the classroom. t

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1996/04-18-96