Margaret (Peggy) Grossman, professor of agricultural law, delivered a  talk
titled: "Farmers and the Environment Under the Common Agricultural Policy
of the European Union" as the 1996 lecture in the James S. and Dorothy F.
Wershow Distinguished Lecture Series. The lecture, sponsored by the
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and the College of Law, was
presented March 26 at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Grossman was
chosen to give the lecture based on her demonstrated leadership in the area
of agricultural law.

Fred Davidson, professor of English as an international language, recently
had his book: "Principles of Statistical Data Handling" published by Sage
Publications Inc. Davidson's work, which is aimed at "helping readers
understand the principles of data handling so they can make better use of
computer data in their research and studies," has been praised by collegues
across the nation as an interesting, informal, and humorous approach to
data analysis.

Carl G. Lewis, professor of architecture, has been appointed by President
Clinton to the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance
Board (Access Board). Lewis has worked as a visual information specialist
for the Air Force Intelligence Agency and as an accessibility adviser for
several national organizations.

Ronald D. Smith, professor of veterinary pathology, recently spoke at a Pan
American Health Organization-sponsored workshop on veterinary medicine in
Mexico City. The workshop, "Teaching of Veterinary Preventive Medicine and
Public Health in Mexico," included researchers from several U.S. and Latin
American colleges of medicine and veterinary medicine, as well as
representatives of the Mexican livestock, feedstuff, and pharmaceutical
industries. Smith described the programs offered by the UI College of
Veterinary Medicine and later visited the National Animal Parisitology
Center in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Ira W. Langston, associate director with the Office for Academic Policy
Analysis, was honored by the Joint Commission on Accountability Reporting
with an award for his professional contributions to the development of
national reporting conventions. Langston served on the national commission
periodically over the past year and aided in developing data definitions,
calcualtion methods, data collection recommendations, and reporting formats
for institutes of higher education.

Three crop sciences faculty and staff members were recently honored for
work in their respective fields. Ed Stoller, professor of plant physiology,
received the Outstanding Research Award from the Weed Science Society for
his contributions to applied and basic weed science research.Darin
Eastburn, professor of plant pathology, was recently awarded a C-FAR grant
for his project "Development and Production of Disease Resistant
Horseradish Clones Through Sexual and Asexual Procedures." Nancy Pataky,
plant pathology extension specialist, was honored with a Professional Staff
Award for Excellence. Pataky was recognized for her work with the UI Plant
Clinic during the past 19 years.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1996/04-18-96