Brief: Enrollment open for shared sick leave

Open enrollment for eligible academic staff members for donation to, and
thus eligibility for, the Shared Benefits Program will be held from Nov. 17
through Dec. 31.

The Shared Benefits Program is a sick-leave pool that gives employees the
ability to share accumulated sick-leave days with co-workers suffering from
serious illness or injury.

Eligible faculty and academic professional employees may donate a minimum
of one day of their compensable sick leave to the common sick-leave pool.
No transfer of funds will occur, but the employee's compensable sick-leave
balance will be reduced by the number of days contributed.

A separate pool is maintained for staff employees.

An employee who has donated to the sick-leave pool may request sick-leave
days from the pool when experiencing a catastrophic illness or injury, or
when a disability claim is pending before the State Universities Retirement
System. If the employee's request for additional sick leave is approved,
the sick leave will be made available for the employee's use.

Forms and guidelines have been sent to all academic staff members.
Additional forms may be copied from Section IX/C-39.1 of the Campus
Administrative Manual.

Academic employees who decide to initiate participation or increase
contributions in the Shared Benefits Program need to complete the
demographic information at the top of the form and the Donation of Sick
Leave section.

The completed forms should be forwarded to departmental offices, which will
transmit them to the Office of Academic Human Resources no later than Dec.

Employees who contributed to the pool previously remain eligible for
participation in the Shared Benefits Program.

More information is available from Constance Caveny at 333-6747.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1995/11-16-95