Job Market

The Office of Academic Human Resources, Suite 420, 807 S. Wright St.,
maintains the listings for faculty and academic professional positions.
More complete descriptions are available in that office during regular
business hours. Any other information may be obtained from the person
indicated in the listing.

Anthropology. Assistant professor, sociocultural anthropology in Native
American Peoples. PhD. Available August 1996. Janet Dixon Keller, 333-3616.
Closing date: Jan. 10.

Finance. Faculty (rank open), one or more positions in corporate
finance/investments, banking, insurance or real estate. PhD. Available
August 1996. Josef Lakonishok, 244-2239. Closing date: Jan. 31.

Finance. Harry A. Brandt Distinguished Professorship in Financial
Markets/Options. PhD with distinguished record and experience. Available
August 1996. Josef Lakonishok, 244-2239. Closing date: Jan. 31.

Germanic Languages and Literatures. Assistant professor (Germanic
linguistics). PhD with near-native equivalency in German and English.
Available August 1996. Marianne Kalinke, 333-9353. Closing date: Dec. 1.

History. Assistant professor, imperial Russia. PhD. Available August 1996.
Peter Fritzsche, 333-1155. Closing date: Dec. 11.

History. Assistant professor, European women's/gender, 1500-1800. PhD.
Available August 1996. Diane Koenker, 333-1155. Closing date: Dec. 11.

Library. Assistant documents librarian and assistant professor of library
administration (50 percent appointment). MLS with minimum 2 years'
experience with federal documents in large academic library. Minimum
$14,000. Available Oct. 1. Allen Dries, 333-5494. Closing date: Sept. 28.

Library. Chinese studies librarian and assistant professor of library
administration. MLS with excellent working knowledge of classical and
modern Chinese with minimum one year's relevant professorial experience.
Minimum $28,000. Available Oct. 21. Allen Dries, 333- 5494. Closing date:
Oct. 5.

Library. Assistant modern language librarian and assistant professor of
library administration. MLS with fluent reading knowledge of Spanish,
Portuguese and/or Italian and relevant experience in academic or research
library. Minimum $28,000. Available Oct. 1. Allen Dries, 333-5494. Closing
date: Sept. 29.

Mathematics. Assistant professor, one or more positions. PhD. Available
August 1996. Gerald Janusz, 333-3352. Closing date: Dec. 8.

Speech Communication. Assistant professor (1-2 positions). PhD. Minimum
$40,000. Available August 1996. David Swanson, 333-2683. Closing date:
Dec. 1.

Academic Professional
Administrative Information Systems and Services. Research programmer
(Chicago or Urbana). BS in computer science, electrical engineering,
management information science or related field with minimum two years'
experience in Internetworking. Available immediately. Maxine Hayden,
244-5774. Closing date: Oct. 13.

Administrative Information Systems and Services. Research programmer,
business systems (Chicago or Urbana, four positions). BA/BS with minimum
two years' experience with project management and experience consulting
with all levels of clients. Available immediately. Maxine Hayden, 244-5774.
Extended closing date: Oct. 13.

Agricultural and Consumer Economics. Research specialist in agriculture. MS
in agricultural economics or related field (PhD preferred) with
experience/skills with economic concepts/quantitative techniques and
knowledge of commodity markets/U.S. agriculture policy required. Available
immediately. Robert Hauser, 333-1810. Closing date: Sept. 25.

Alumni Association (Chicago). Assistant director of alumni career center
(50 percent appointment). BA/BS with three years' related experience
required; MA in counseling, CSP or related field preferred. Starting date
negotiable. Barbara Hundley, (312) 996-6350. Closing date: Oct. 13.

Alumni Association. Associate director. BA/BS (preferably in marketing and
business) with minimum two years' experience in direct mail/marketing
planning with computerized management system. Available Nov. 1. Don Dodds,
333-1472. Closing date: Oct. 13.

Beckman Institute. Research specialist in life science. BS/BA in life
science or related field with experience in research/lab work. Available
immediately. David Clayton, 244-3668. Closing date: Sept. 22.

Business Affairs, University Office of. Assistant vice president for
business affairs. BA/BS (MA/MS preferred) in business, finance or related
field with minimum 10 years' management-level experience. Available January
1996. David Snyder, 333-2497. Closing date: Oct. 18.

Economics and Business Research, Bureau of (Office of Real Estate
Research). Staff associate. MS in finance, economics or real estate with
minimum one year's experience in field of real estate data analysis.
$22,000-27,500. Available Oct. 20. Martha Green, 244-3099. Closing date:
Sept. 21.

Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research scientist. PhD in electrical
engineering or equivalent field with skill in using fast algorithms for
electromagnetic fields and proficient in UNIX OS, FORTRAN, MATLAB and C.
Available Oct. 23. W.C. Chew, 333- 7309. Closing date: Oct. 13.

Liberal Arts and Science, College of. Staff associate. MA/MS or BA/BS with
equivalent combination of education/training, with experience supervising,
ability to work with students from multicultural backgrounds and experience
in advising/counseling in college setting required. Mid-$20,000s. Available
immediately. Robert Copeland, 333-1700. Closing date: Oct. 2.

Library and Information Science, Graduate School of. Computer-assisted
instruction specialist. MS in library and information science or closely
related area with minimum 2 years' relevant experience and
knowledge/experience with computer/networking technologies. Minimum
$27,000. Available immediately. Linda Smith, 333-3281. Closing date: Oct.

Microbiology. Research programmer. BS or MS (preferred in computer science
or engineering) with minimum two years' relevant experience and familiarity
with UNIX and Macintosh systems, C, FORTRAN and Prolog required. Available
immediately. Carolyn Corn, 333-1736. Closing date: Oct. 1.

Microbiology. Research specialist in life science. BS or MS (preferred in
microbiology, biochemistry or molecular biology) with previous experience
in molecular cloning required. Available Oct. 1. Claudia Reich, 244-0617.
Closing date: Sept. 25.

Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Research specialist in
agriculture, textile science (50 percent appointment). BS in textile
science/textile engineering (MS preferred) with strong skills in testing
fibers, textiles, films and products. Available Oct. 2. Mastura Raheel,
333-3055. Closing date: Sept. 27.

News Bureau. Research editor, physical sciences. MS in journalism, science
or related field with minimum 3 years' experience in news
writing/reporting, or equivalent combination of education and experience
required. Available immediately. Search coordinator, 333-1085. Closing
date: Oct. 16.

Plant Biology. Research specialist in life science. BS in plant science
with knowledge/experience in general greenhouse operations; MS in plant
biology or horticulture preferred. Available immediately. Evan DeLucia,
333-3261. Closing date: Nov. 1.

President, Office of. Assistant to director, President's House. BA/BS
(MA/MS preferred) with 3-5 years' relevant experience including special
events management, knowledge of university/higher education required. Mary
Beastall, 333-7925. Closing date: Sept. 25.

President, Office of (Chicago Office). Network analyst. BS/BA in computer
science, business applications, education, or related field, extensive
knowledge of PCs, LANs, WANs, data communication, DOS, OS/2, NT, Windows
required. Available immediately. Scott Novak, 333-0563. Closing date: Oct.

Supercomputing Applications, National Center for. Software engineer. BS in
computer science with minimum 2 years' relevant experience (5 years
preferred) with strong knowledge of relevant platform, GUIs, networking and
multiplatform issues. Available immediately. Staff Resource Center, #4724,
244-4117. Closing date: Oct. 2.

Veterinary Medicine (Laborartory of Diagnostic Veterinary Medicine).
Veterinary research specialist. BS in medical technology and ASCP board
certification with considerable lab experience required. Available
immediately. Walter Hoffmann, 333-5370. Closing date: Sept. 29.

Personnel Services Office, 52 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign, conducts open
and continuous testing for Civil Service classifications used on campus.
More information is available by calling 333-2137.

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