Job Market

This list is compiled by the Office of Academic Resources.  More
complete descriptions of these positions are available during
regular business hours in Suite 420, 807 S. Wright St.,
Champaign.  Any other information may be obtained from the person
indicated in the listing.

Agricultural Engineering. Assistant professor. PhD in
agricultural or biological engineering. PhD requirement
incorrectly listed in Jan. 19 Inside Illinois.

Music. Assistant professor, viola. Graduate degree in performance
or equivalent in professional experience; artist/teacher of
established reputation. Available Aug. 21. Don V Moses, 244-2676
(search #4403). Extended closing date: March 1.

Academic Professional
Agronomy. Visiting senior research specialist in agriculture
(soil quality). MS in appropriate agriculture field (PhD desired)
and experience with on-farm research, knowledge of Midwest
cropping systems required. Available Feb. 20. D.A. Lee, 333-9479.
Closing date: Feb. 13.

Applied Life Studies, College of. Assistant director of
development. BA/BS (MA/MS preferred) with prior
experience/interest in development and high achievement in
previous work/education experience. Available May 1. Judy
Checker, 244-6600. Closing date: March 1.

Broadcasting (WILL-AM). Director of information programming,
news. BA/BS (MA/MS preferred) with minimum 3 years' experience as
a journalist. Minimum $25,000. Available immediately. Alex
Ashlock, 333-0850. Closing date: March 1.

Business Affairs (Chicago). Assistant director of real estate.
BA/BS required, in business or real-estate finance preferred,
with minimum 3 years' experience in leasing/brokerage of
commercial real estate required. Upper $40,000s to lower
$50,000s. Available immediately. Thomas Gardner, (312) 996-2800.
Closing date: March 3.

Capital Programs. Assistant director. BS/BA in architecture or
engineering with registration in Illinois required; minimum 8
years' project-management experience desirable. Available
immediately. Allen Edmonson, 333-5688. Closing date: Feb. 22.

Computing and Communicatioins Service Office (for Social
Science). Manager of services. BA/BS with minimum 2 years'
relevant experience (MA/MS with minimum 5 years' experience
preferred) and strong background in statistics and data analysis.
Available immediately. Joyce McCabe, 333-8794. Closing date: Feb.

Housing. Resident director (several positions, undergraduate
halls). MS in college student personnel or closely related field
with minimum 1 year of residence hall staff experience strongly
preferred (BA/BS with 1 year of experience required). $15,500-
17,000. Available July 21. Susan Crames, 333-0770. Closing date:
March 25.

Krannert Art Museum. Curator of exhibitions. MA in art history or
studio arts with minimum 2 years' curatorial experience and grant-
writing experience. Available Aug. 20. Maarten van de Guchte, 333-
1861. Closing date: March 1.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1995/02-02-95