Professors named associates in the Center for Advanced Study

By Andrea Lynn

Thirteen Urbana-Champaign faculty members were appointed
associates in the Center for Advanced Study for the academic year
1995-96 by the UI Board of Trustees at its meeting Jan. 20 in

The appointments provide released time for creative work on
scholarly research or professional activity.

Three of the appointees have been designated Beckman associates.
Named for UI alumnus and benefactor Arnold O. Beckman, the
appointments recognize outstanding younger associate candidates
who have made distinctive scholarly contributions in the

Faculty members named Beckman associates, and the projects they
intend to pursue:
  * Paul M. Goldbart, physics, "Dynamical Properties of Randomly
    Crosslinked Macromolecular Networks."
  * Tony M. Liss, physics, "Understanding the Top Quark."
  * Gene E. Robinson, entomology, "Molecular Genetic Analyses of

Faculty members elected associates for the academic year, and the
projects they intend to pursue:
  * William M. Calder III, classics, "Ulrich von Wilamowitz-
    Moellendorff: His Life and Work, Vol. I (1848-1876)."
  * Garry E. Chick, leisure studies, "Completion of Four
    Southwestern Men, a Manuscript by John M. Roberts (1916-1990)."
  * Shun Lien Chuang, electrical and computer engineering,
    "Modeling of Strained Quantum-Well and Quantum-Wire."
  * Everett C. Dade, mathematics, "Representations of Finite
  * Helen S. Farmer, educational psychology, "Women's Career
    Choices: Focus on Science, Math and Technology."
  * David E. Goldberg, general engineering, "The Design of
    Innovating Machines."
  * Alma Gottlieb, anthropology, "The Culture of Infancy: A Case
    Study of the Beng of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)."
  * Edward A. Kolodziej, political science, "The Global Society:
    The Pursuit of Order, Welfare, and Legitimacy."
  * Alberto Porqueras-Mayo, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, "The
    Critical Edition of Cisne de Apolo (Swan of Apolo), Medina del
    Campo, 1602, by Luis Alfonso de Carvallo."
  * David Sansone, classics, "Plato and Euripides."

Chosen by professors in the center through an annual competition
of faculty members from all departments and colleges, associates
are freed for a semester from part or all of their teaching
duties. The center allocates funds to the departments to help
replace associates in the classroom.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1995/02-02-95