Brief: Notices of summer programs needed

Each year the Office of Summer Session and Special Programs
receives frequent inquiries from the public concerning special
summer program opportunities on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

The office produces an inexpensive, but well-designed brochure
that serves as a promotional aid and provides basic information
about summer programs on campus. The office would like to include
information in the summer Timetable and the brochure about
special audience programs that will be offered next summer.
Examples of special audience programs featured in last summer's

  * The Fourth Annual Summer Program on International Affairs,
    "Asia: Preparing for the Pacific Century"
  * Summer Music Festival featuring the music of Brahms and Dvorak
    (School of Music)
  * Summerfest 1994 (Illinois Repertory Theatre)
  * Minority Introduction to Engineering
  * Elderhostel
  * Atelier Summer Program in Architecture
  * National Youth Sports Program
  * Research Apprentice Program in Applied Sciences for High School
  * Biotechnology for High School Teachers and Genetic Engineering
    and Biotechnology for Community College Teachers (Ecology,
    Ethology and Evolution)

Units that have special audience programs that should be promoted
should forward information about them no later than Dec. 7 to
Deneen C. Lyles, CEPS Summer Session, 202 University Inn, MC-433.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/11-17-94