Brief: "Day Without Art' activities planned

UI faculty and staff members and students again are gain
participating in activities occurring in association with the
local observance of "Day Without Art " on Dec. 1.

Initiated in 1989 by the New York City-based group Visual AIDS,
"Day Without Art" coincides with World AIDS Day and is intended
as a day of action, education and mourning in response to the
AIDS crisis.

Several persons affiliated with the UI are on the committee that
has been planning unified communitywide recognition of the day.
Among the efforts resulting from their work was the development
of a seven-minute video created by artists and educators in the
community. The video, directed by Rick Crawford, Krannert
Center's audience education director, is based on the theme "Can
You Imagine a World Without Art?"

Copies of the video will be available for use free of charge in
classes or meetings and will be shown at the Krannert Center for
the Performing Arts, Krannert Art Museum and several other
locations throughout the community. To reserve a copy, contact
the Gay Community AIDS Project office, 351-2437.

Other UI activities planned to commemorate the occasion and
highlight the contribution of artists to society include:

  * Displays of duplicate quilt panels from the national AIDS quilt,
    on loan from GCAP, at the museum and the performing arts center.
    The duplicate panels were made for area residents who have died
    of AIDS-related illnesses.
  * The draping of black fabric over entrances and some paintings at
    the Krannert Art Museum, and distribution of information about
    local groups involved in AIDS awareness efforts.
  * Distribution of red ribbons to staff members and patrons at
    Krannert Center, and a memorial display dedicated to artists who
    have died and were known by UI community members.
  * The presentation of a short, audiotaped message about "Day
    Without Art" at evening performances at Krannert Center.

For more information about what is happening on the UI  campus,
contact Jane Ellen Nickell at Krannert Center, 333-6282, or
Brigette Scott at Krannert Art Museum, 333-1861.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/11-17-94