Made your connections yet?

In preparation for UI Direct, colleges and departments currently
are addressing many issues, including the identification of
faculty and staff members who will need access to the UI Direct

Each college office and department has designated a UI Direct
"lead person" and a primary technical contact person who are
responsible for ensuring that their departments will be ready to
participate in the "local" aspects involved in implementing the
system. Lead persons and technical contacts are currently meeting
with departmental network administrators to assess equipment and
connectivity needs, and the technical specialists are in the
process of installing required software on computers in academic
offices that will use the UI Direct system.

Questions about UI Direct connectivity and software requirements
should be directed to the lead person and/or technical support
staff in each unit. If you don't know who represents your college
or department, contact Jason DeHaan, 244-9920, or your college

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/11-17-94