Job Market

This list is compiled by the Office of Academic Human Resources. More
complete descriptions of these positions are available during regular
business hours in Swanlund Administration Building. Any other information
may be obtained from the person indicated in the listing.


Animal Sciences. Faculty (rank open), molecular immunologist. PhD with
emphasis in molecular immunology. Available immediately. Dennis Campion,
333-3462. Closing date: July 8.

Human Development and Family Studies. Assistant professor/extension
specialist in adult life and aging. PhD in gerontology, aging studies,
human development, family studies or related field. Available August 1995.
Donald Layman or Aaron Ebata, 333-2912. Closing date: Jan. 6.

Library. Visiting assistant engineering librarian. MLS with minimum 1
year's experience required. Minimum $27,000. Available July 1. Allen Dries,
333-8169. Closing date: June 24.

Materials Science and Engineering. Faculty (rank open), several positions.
PhD in appropriate field. Available August 1995. Chair of Faculty Search
Committee, 333-1440. Closing date: Aug. 31.

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Associate/full professor with tenure.
PhD with established research program. Available January 1995. Hassan Aref,
333-2329. Closing date: Aug. 21.

Veterinary Medicine, College of, and Cooperative Extension Service.
Assistant or associate professor/dairy extension veterinarian. DVM
required; advanced degrees and/or board certification related to dairy
practice desirable. Available immediately. R.D. Scoggins, 333-2907.
Closing date: Sept. 1.

Academic Professional

Administrative Information Systems and Services. Assistant director,
data-access services. BS with technical capabilities in information science
and knowledge of relational database concepts required with minimum 4
years' experience in database management system required. Available
immediately. Maxine Hayden, 244-5774. Closing date: June 15.

Administrative Information Systems and Services. Management methods
analyst. BS with technical capabilities in information science with minimum
5 years' data processing experience required. Available immediately.  Maxine
Hayden, 244-5774. Closing date: June 15.

African Studies, Center for. Specialist in education (50 percent position).
Advanced degree in humanities or social science with concentration in
African studies. Available Aug. 21. Ibulaimu Kakoma, 333-6335. Closing
date: July 15.

Athletics, Division of Intercollegiate. Director of facility management.
BA/BS with minimum 5 years' experience in facility management required.
Available immediately. Dana Brenner, 333-3631. Closing date: July 15.
Athletics, Division of Intercollegiate. Assistant varsity coach, women's
basketball. BA/BS (MA/MS preferred) required with ability to recruit and
minimum 2 years' coaching experience at Division I level desired.
Availability date negotiable. Kathy Lindsey, 333-8608. Closing date:
June 20.

Broadcasting (WILL AM-FM-TV). Broadcast research/operations specialist,
corporate support. BA/BS with minimum 3 years' work experience in business
environment, including 2 years' experience in sales/marketing or
fund-raising. Available immediately. Deborah Day, 333-1070. Closing
date: July 6.

Child Care Resource Service. Training coordinator. BS/BA in child
development, early-childhood education or related field with minimum 2
years' teaching experience and experience with training to family and
center child-care providers required. Available July 1. Anne Hall,
333-8199. Closing date: June 10.

Commerce and Business Administration, College of. Associate director
of development. BA/BS with minimum 5 years' experience in nonprofit or
educational environment. Minimum $34,000. Available immediately. Kim
Freed, 333-6434. Closing date: June 30.

Commerce and Business Administration, College of. Director of alumni
relations. BA/BS with minimum 3 years' experience working with business
executives in nonprofit or educational setting. $40,000-42,500. Available
immediately. Karen Smith, (312) 368-0813. Closing date: June 17.

Foundation, UI. Director of development, several positions. BA/BS with
proven record of fund-raising success; half-time travel required.
Available immediately. Ron Hermann, 333-0810. Closing date: Aug. 1.

Housing. Assistant director, residential life - student relations/conduct
(12-month appointment). MS in college student personnel or closely related
field with minimum 3 years' full-time residence hall experience required.
$28,000-30,000. Available immediately. Catherine Clark, 333-0770.
Closing date: June 24.

Human Resource Management Systems. Network analyst. BS in computer science,
information system, business management or other relevant field with
minimum 5 years' experience with PCs and/or networked environment.
Available immediately. Elliott Witkin, 333-9063. Closing date: June 30.

Information Management, Office of. Network analyst. BS in business or
computer science with emphasis on information system (MS preferred) with
minimum 2 years' experience required; experience with LANs (IBM Token
Ring), competence with operating system and proficiency with programming
(C++ and Visual Basic). Available July 1. Zvi Ritz, 244-0812. Closing
date: June 6.

Language Learning Laboratory. Manager of systems services. MA in area of
humanities (PhD preferred) with minimum 1 year's experience in humanities
computing environment and experience with management/maintenance of LAN
hardware/software. Available Aug. 21. Search Committee, 333-9776.
Closing date: July 20.

Planning and Budgeting, University Office of. Resource and policy analyst,
instructional cost and operating analyses. MA/MS in relevant field or BA/BS
with equivalent professional experience, and minimum 3 years' relevant
professional experience in data collection/assessment, fiscal analysis
and/or information management and experience with large computer files
required. Available immediately. Judy McCoy-Lindauer, 333-6600. Closing
date: June 29.

Plant Biology. Visiting research specialist in life science. BS in biology,
biochemistry, chemistry or microbiology with laboratory experience with DNA
or RNA research. Available immediately. Mary Schuler, 333-8784.  Closing
date: June 10.

Student Financial Aid. Student financial aid administrator. BA/BS (MA/MS
in student personnel administration preferred) with experience in student
financial aid administration required. Available immediately. Chair of
Committee, 244-2024. Closing date: June 30.

Supercomputing Applications, National Center for. Senior research
programmer. MS in computer graphics or equivalent area with minimum 5
years' professional software development experience beyond or before MS
degree required. Available immediately. NCSA Human Resources, 333-6085.
Closing date: June 13.

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