Trustees appoint Center for Advanced Study associates

Fourteen Urbana-Champaign faculty members were appointed associates in the
Center for Advanced Study for the academic year 1994-95 by the UI Board of
Trustees at its meeting Friday in Urbana.

The appointments provide released time for creative work on programs of
scholarly research or professional activity.

Two of the appointees have been designated Beckman associates.  Named
for UI alumnus and benefactor Arnold O. Beckman, the appointments recognize
outstanding younger associate candidates who have made distinctive
scholarly contributions in the sciences.

Faculty members named Beckman associates, and the work they intend to 
 - Jean Ponce, computer science, a geometric approach to computer vision and
 - Dale J. Van Harlingen, physics, experiments to determine the symmetry of
   the paring state of high-temperature superconductors.

Faculty members elected associates for the academic year, and the work they
intend to pursue:
 - Peter Beak, chemistry, the development of endocyclic reactions: 
   applications to reaction mechanisms and asymmetric syntheses.  
 - Bruce C. Berndt, mathematics, prove the theorem claims made by Ramanujan,
   India's greatest mathematician.
 - William Brooks, music, compose a major work for wind ensemble and steel
   band, conduct several small research and composition projects, and develop
   expertise in computer applications for music composition.
 - Gerald M. Browne, classics, a comprehensive dictionary of the Old Nubian,
   the language of the Sudan in the Middle Ages. 
 - John Buckler, history, a book on Greek history in the fourth century B.C.  
 - Orville Vernon Burton, history, localism and nationalism in the Edgefield
   District of South Carolina during the Civil War. 
 - John A. Dussinger, English, investigation of how Samuel Richardson, a
   prominent 18th-century London printer, became the first major English
 - Anne D. Hedeman, art and design, analysis of Pierre Salmon's 15th-century
   manuscripts, which reveal the political thought of the Parisian university
   and court "communities" when King Charles VI was mentally unstable and the
   country was split by civil war.
 - Alan F. Horwitz, cell and structural biology, the cycle of events that
   produce directed cellular migration.
 - Don N. Kleinmuntz, accountancy, the cumulative impact of random and
   systematic errors on decomposition in subjective probability assessments.
 - Jane W. S. Liu, computer science, a novel approach, known as the
   imprecise computation approach, for enhancing fault tolerance and graceful
   degradation of computing and communication systems that support
   time-critical applications, such as flight management, air-traffic control
   and intelligent manufacturing.
 - Kathy A. Perkins, theater, an exhibition and manuscript of 20th-century
   theater designs by black Americans who have been absent from the annals of
   American theater history.  

Chosen by professors in the center through an annual competition of faculty
from all departments and colleges, associates are freed for a semester from
part or all of their teaching duties.  The center allocates funds to the
departments to help replace associates.  

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/01-20-94