Conduct of retirement-plan vendors explained

The UI has recently expanded the number of vendors offering Tax-Deferred
Retirement Plan options from three to eight vendors. Approved vendors and
their representatives are authorized to directly contact employees
regarding their retirement plans. This authorization, however, does not
extend to vendors making initial contact with employees at the workplace,
either by phone or in person. The specific guideline communicated to
vendors is as follows:

"Company contacts cannot be initiated by sales representatives during
university office hours or employees normal work schedules. Faculty,
academic professional and staff may initiate meetings with company
representatives on campus providing it does not interfere with their
assigned responsibilities and is not in conflict with university
regulations." Vendors may extend offers to unit heads to conduct group
presentations at departmental meetings. Since departments may be approached
by numerous vendors, such activities are discouraged. In order to provide
employees the opportunity to gather information concerning the various TDRP
options available, the eight vendors will be invited to participate in a
"Benefits Fair" which will be scheduled in the next few months.

Questions or concerns regarding the conduct of any TDRP vendor and/or its
representative should be directed to Carol McClure, Benefits Center
manager, at 244-1041.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/01-20-94