Research Sources

The UI Research Services Office, 128 Observatory, has more complete
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American Geophysical Union
Congressional Science Fellowship Program

The fellow will spend a year on the staff of a congressional committee or
of a House or Senate member, advising on a wide range of scientific issues
as they pertain to public questions. Applicants must be American
Geophysical Union members, and should have a broad background in science.
They should also be articulate, literate, flexible and able to work well
with people from diverse professional backgrounds. Though the program is
aimed at early to mid-career geophysicists with a doctorate degree, there
are no absolute restrictions on age, educational or career level, or
specific scientific background. The fellowship carries with it a stipend of
up to $35,000 plus travel allowances. 

The application deadline is Feb. 15.

American Society for Microbiology
Congressional Science Fellowship Program

The program will select a postdoctoral to midcareer microbiologist  who
will spend one year on the staff of an individual member of Congress or of
a congressional committee or with some other appropriate organizational
unit of the Congress. The fellowship will include a $38,000 stipend and
$1,500 to cover travel expenses for the year.

Applicants must have been members of the American Society for Microbiology
for at least one year and are expected to show competence in some aspect of
microbiology, have a broad background in science and technology, and have a
strong interest and some experience in applying scientific knowledge toward
the solution of social problems. The purpose of the program is to make
practical contributions to more effective use of scientific knowledge in
government and to educate the scientific community regarding the public
policy process.

The application deadline is March 25.

National Endowment for the Humanities
Summer Seminars for College Teachers - Directors

The endowment encourages proposals to direct Summer Seminars for College
Teachers from scholars who are recognized authorities in their fields.
Seminar directors should possess an interest and ability in undergraduate
teaching. Their work should be pertinent to the interests of teachers or
scholars who present the humanities to undergraduates or to the general

Seminars may be designed according to the directors' own expertise and
interests, and applicants have wide latitude in fashioning their seminar
proposals. The topics should be broad enough to accommodate a wide range of
interests and should be central to the major ideas, texts and approaches of
the humanities; they should address significant questions and pursue ideas
beyond narrowly focused disciplinary concerns. Seminar discussion may also
include considerations pertinent to teaching and presenting the ideas,
texts and approaches relevant to the topic. The endowment especially
encourages seminars on foreign languages and cultures. 

The application deadline is March 1. 

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