Task Group on Parking and Transportation seeks input

The campus ad hoc Parking and Transportation Task Group will hold two open
hearings to receive input on campus parking and transportation policies. 
The hearings are scheduled on Feb. 14 from noon to 2 p.m. in 407 Illini
Union and from 4 to 6 p.m. in 150 Animal Sciences Lab. 

Speakers will be limited to approximately two or three minutes, depending
upon the number of individuals wishing to comment. Oral comments may be
accompanied by more extensive commentary in writing. The task group also
invites written input, which may be sent through campus mail to the task
group (c/o Virginia Drake, 112 Observatory, MC-190) or through e-mail to
the chair (judith-liebman@illinois.edu).

The task group has constructed a list of goals, constraints and strategies
suggested by interested parties to date (See below). Individuals planning
to offer input are encouraged to examine the lists before they do so.

The task group is charged with reviewing existing campus parking and
transportation policy and providing recommendations to the campus. 

The committee charge does not include parking policies for the residence
halls, the Assembly Hall and Memorial Stadium. Members of the task group
are: Kenneth Andersen, Paul Armstrong, John Braden, Denton Brown, Lisa
Dieker, William Greenough, Joseph Hampton, Leona Kuhn, Daniel Lee, Judith
Liebman (chair), Matthew Stone, Linda Swett and Ronald Szoke.

Goals that have been suggested
Minimize growth in number of parking spaces
Maximize number of individuals taking advantage of non-parking programs
Maximize green space on campus
Minimize internal automobile traffic on campus (includes traffic passing
   through, external traffic coming to park, and intracampus traffic)
Minimize intracampus (from one campus parking space to another) automobile
Maximize employee and student convenience
Maximize pedestrian safety
Maximize aesthetics
Minimize employee and student transportation fees
Minimize capital and operating costs of parking/transportation program
Maximize student and employee flexibility
Maximize parking/transportation system flexibility (easy to change)
Maximize vehicle security
Maximize vehicular weather protection
Maximize utilization of existing parking spaces
Maximize equity across employee groups
Minimize use of automobiles
Prefer parking structures to parking lots
Prefer parking lots to parking structures

Contraints that have been suggested or used
Parking system must be self-supporting
Provide guaranteed parking for fee-payers
Provide adequate visitor parking
Provide adequate short-term (10-minute) parking for drop-offs, pick-ups,
   and deliveries
For on-campus parking, three blocks and up to five-minute walk; upper limit
   of eight-minute walk
Pedestrians must be safe
Bicycle transportation must be safe
Wheelchair travel must be safe
Automobile traffic must be safe
Bus loading/unloading must be safe
Parking and transportation (both external and internal) must be considered

Strategies that have been suggested but not necessarily recommended
Make parking and transportation changes incrementaily
Make parking and transportation changes extensively
Assign parking vacancies to those who have been waiting the longest
Assign parking vacancies to those whose current space requires the
   longest walk
Provide remote parking at lower cost to encourage use
Increase frequency of shuttle service to and from remote parking
Encourage use of mass transit to and from campus
Provide adequate bikeways and sidewalks on campus
Encourage car pooling
Provide dual parking spaces when required by university duties
Extend the intra-campus bus system
Do not increase the current pricing on the MTD bus passes for "non parkers"
Close more campus streets
Improve campus lighting
Give staff faculty priority in parking
Give faculty priority in parking
Assign closest spots to those who pay the most
Increase the amount of parking in or near the campus core
Increase the amount of peripheral parking
Let individuals buy and sell their parking rights
Widen/add sidewalks for pedestrians and wheelchairs
Add bicycle lanes
Enforce bicycle regulations
Provide bicycle education
Review parking lot entrances and exits for safety
Review bus loading/unloading areas for safety
Add pedestrian over/under passes
Increase meter rates to discourage student use for classes
Add drop boxes to handle administrative activities like dropping off
payroll time records
Add 12-hour departmental parking space option
Raise cost of 24-hour departmental parking spaces

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/01-20-94