Inside lights

The longstanding mystery of who will take possession of the historic
Stephen A. Forbes House at 1209 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana, has been
solved, but another has surfaced as plans are being made to move the
structure to its new home in Champaign for the Women's Emergency Shelter. 

The Preservation and Conservation Association, the local historic
preservation group instrumental in ensuring the framed Italianate's future,
would like to unravel the mystery of the missing staircase. 

The original banister, balusters and newel post are nowhere to be found,
says Karen Kummer, executive director of PACA.

"We'd love to see their return - no questions asked," Kummer said. "Failing
that, we'd like any information about the original stairway that anyone
might have."

Anybody with a long memory can contact Kummer at 328-7772. 

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/01-20-94