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This week's question:

Q: When was the last time the UI closed due to weather conditions? And why
did it stay open during this week's record low temperatures?

A: Heavy snowfall resulted in the closing of the university Jan. 28 and 29,
1977, according to Kathleen Pecknold, associate vice chancellor for
administrative affairs. But, Pecknold said, that won't happen again. "We'll
never close the university. We can't. We're like a small city. We have to
feed students, keep buildings warm and keep research labs running." 
Pecknold added that weather conditions occasionally warrant the
cancellation of classes. In such cases, the campus policy is to excuse
"non-essential" personnel, with pay. Among those required to remain on duty
are Operations and Maintenance Division workers and lab animal care
providers. The last time that happened was in 1984, when classes were
canceled for half a day and non-essential personnel were allowed to go

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/01-20-94