Brief: Network readers will find new options

During February, UI faculty and staff members and students will have
on-line access to the Washington Post, Investor's Business Daily and the
Associated Press Financial Data on UIUCnet, the campus's electronic

The services are being provided to the university on a trial basis by
American Cybercasting Corp., a company that packages publications and other
information for electronic distribution. The information may be accessed
using any network news reader, according to Paul Pomes, a senior research
programmer who administers news groups for the UI's Computing and
Communications Services Office.

"The information will be full text and updated daily," Pomes said. "Users
will be free to read, print, cut and paste, or archive the data for
class-assigned reading, research or personal use."

Pomes noted that the daily financial news updates will be especially useful
to the College of Commerce and Business Administration because faculty
members will have the opportunity to bring current business news and
investment data into the classroom.

In addition to the information sources available during the trial period,
American Cybercasting also offers on-line editions of the Washington Times,
Los Angeles Times, Forbes, California Management Review and many others.

"Whether to make the service permanent and/or add additional papers and
journals depends on readership and comments from faculty, staff and
students," Pomes said.

Users on CCSO's UNIX machines - such as uxa, uxh, ux1, etc. - can type the
"nn" or "rn" command to read the groups under the new americast.*
hierarchy. To read Investor's Business Daily, type "nn americast.ibd"; for
the AP Financial Data, type ""; for the Washington
Post, type "americast.wpost".

PC and Macintosh users either can use NCSA telnet software to connect to a
UNIX host or run a native news reader. The CCSO Resource Center offers
Trumpet for PCs; NewsGrazer, InterNews or Nuntius are available for the

For more information about how to tap the new services, or to provide
feedback, send e-mail to; comments also can be posted to
the news group uiuc.general.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/01-20-94