Brief: Humanists, artists can apply for grants

International Programs and Studies has created a funding category for
faculty in the humanities - English, history, philosophy, religious
studies, classics and languages - and in the performing and visual arts who
are conducting research and writing on topics of an international

A limited number of research grants of $500 each will be awarded for
1994-95. These funds may be used for a variety of research-support
purposes, including the purchase of books, reference works, computer
software and connection time, long-distance and similar types of expenses.
Travel, equipment, professional dues and registration fees will not be
allowable expenses.

To apply, send a description of the research project or activity for which
the grant would be used, including the general purpose for which the grant
would be spent. The description should not exceed 500 words (plus budget).
Also enclose a brief biographical sketch and list recent publications that
are relevant to the project, if any. 

Proposals are due March 1, and should be sent to Humanities Grants,
International Programs and Studies, 303 International Studies Building,

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/01-20-94