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Aug. 2, 2012 (Vol. 32 No. 3)
The Lincoln Hall renovation project is coming to a close, as evidenced last week with the reintroduction of the Abraham Lincoln bust to its prominent location in the main entry of Memorial Hall.
Photo by
L. Brian Stauffer

Namesake returns
The Lincoln Hall renovation project is coming to a close, as evidenced last week with the reintroduction of the Abraham Lincoln bust to its prominent location in the main entry of Memorial Hall. Todd Hawkins, an ironworker for Facilities and Services, prepares to remove a protective pad from the bust last week as other ironworkers look on.

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Fundraising campaign under way to repair UI Observatory

Light, or rather its capture, has been critical to the UI Observatory’s mission of stellar discovery since its construction in 1896.

Law school censured by American Bar AssociatioN

Officials at the UI College of Law accepted sanctions from the American Bar Association July 24 and announced plans to develop internal rules to prevent future performance-reporting abuses.

Easter reviews retirement statistics, pensions and the budget

The UI has already seen a 50 percent increase in retirements so far this calendar year compared to last, President Bob Easter told university trustees July 19.

Researchers seek to improve drought resistance of biofuels grasses

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a five-year, $12.1 million grant to a multi-institutional effort to develop drought-resistant grasses for use in biofuels. The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis will lead the initiative with researchers from the Carnegie Institution for Science, the UI, the University of Minnesota and Washington State University.

Promotions, tenure announced

In July, the UI Board of Trustees approved faculty promotions in academic rank and changes in tenure status. The changes will be effective at the beginning of the 2012-13 appointment year. Promotions granted for the Urbana-Champaign campus: Forty-seven promotions to professor without change in tenure; 27 to associate professor without change in tenure; and 65 to associate professor on indefinite tenure. In addition, one faculty member received tenure without change in rank. For a full listing (in PDF format), view the list compiled for the July UI Board of Trustees meeting. 

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Fair play in sport not easy to define in a high-tech age, expert says

The technological edge can come in a swimmer’s revolutionary suit, in a cyclist’s specialized bike, in any athlete’s drug of choice – whether legal, untraceable or not yet banned.

Self-directed learning helps some students reach goals, study suggests

Students with cognitive and learning disabilities who engaged in a self-directed learning program were more likely to access mainstream instruction and achieve their academic or other goals, suggests research by Karrie A. Shogren, a special education expert at the University of Illinois.

Team discovers how western corn rootworm resists crop rotation

A new study answers a question that has baffled researchers for more than 15 years: How does the western corn rootworm – an insect that thrives on corn but dies on soybeans – persist in fields that alternate between corn and soybeans? The answer, researchers say, has to do with enzyme production in the rootworm gut.

Spillways can divert sand from river to rebuild wetlands

Researchers could have a new method to rebuild wetlands of the Louisiana delta, thanks to a chance finding while monitoring severe flooding of the Mississippi River.

Higher retail wages correlate with lower levels of employee theft

A study co-written by a UI business professor shows that higher wages are associated with lower levels of employee theft, shedding light on the impact that compensation practices have on shaping employee honesty and ethical norms in organizations.

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Collection of essays addresses researchers’ challenges when changing field sites

The daunting challenge of leaving an anthropological field site and moving to another halfway across the globe may be a situation most familiar to anthropologists, but the intellectual and emotional challenges of uprooting one’s life for one’s field of study are something that many scholars can relate to, says Alma Gottlieb, a UI professor of anthropology.